Making of a Prophet Intensive




I’ve walked where you are walking before. Sometimes I didn’t think I’d make it. Sometimes people thought I was crazy. Sometimes I thought I was crazy!


When I wrote The Making of a Prophet, I had no idea it would touch so many lives. I had no idea it would answer so many questions for so many people.


The Lord put it on my heart to do a webinar to go deeper into this topic than the book itself. I want to really take the time to answer the questions and concerns you have in your calling. I want you to get answers to questions no one will answer.


This is going to be especially interactive because I’m not just going to teach, I’m going to allow you to ask any question you want, and dedicate as much time to answering legitimate questions as it takes–EVEN IF WE HAVE TO DO A BONUS SEGMENT A FEW DAYS LATER!


In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to determine if God is calling you as a prophet
  • What to do after God calls you
  • Determining your unique prophetic expression
  • Dealing with prophetic pitfalls that take you off track
  • How to handle persecution that comes with the office
  • Overcoming spiritual warfare against your calling
  • And much, much more!


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn and ask me anything. No legitimate questions are off limits.


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