Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of God – Hardcover

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Inspiring daily devotionals—prophetic words from the Holy Spirit—to strengthen, comfort, and counsel you.

Many people are crying out to Jesus, but few are regularly fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. Yet the Holy Spirit dwells in our spirits. We are His temple (1 Cor. 6:19), and He is our Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener and Standby (John 14:26, AMP). The Holy Spirit leads and guides us into all truth—including the truth about our beautiful Savior (John 16:13). And the Holy Spirit is speaking to us more than we know.

Mornings With the Holy Spirit is a daily devotional written as if the Holy Spirit is speaking directly to you. Through her personal journaling during times of worship, prayer, and just everyday living, Jennifer LeClaire has recorded the words that the Holy Sprit has given her, and she shares them with you in this book. Each entry will include a brief message from the Holy Spirit, a relevant Scripture reference or references, and a prayer starter.

Read What Leaders in the Body of Christ Are Saying About This Book

Learn to Recognize the Voice of Your Faithful Teacher and Friend
“Listening to the voice of God is a learned art, not a gift. Most people never master this skill and, therefore, forfeit life's greatest pleasure: intimacy with their  Creator. I know of no better way to learn this art than reflecting on the words of the Holy Spirit to a seasoned listener — like Jennifer. As you glean from her listening ear and watchful heart you, too, will learn to recognize the voice of your faithful Teacher and Friend, the Holy Spirit.”


Dutch Sheets
Internationally recognized author, teacher and conference speaker
Author of Intercessory Prayer

Inspirational Words for Your Life
“Want to start each day off with a burning word in your heart and puts the glow of the Holy Spirit upon your life? Then look no further! Inspirational words from Jennifer LeClaire are the receive for you start the first day of the rest of your life off right!.”

Dr. James W Goll
Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • GET eSchool, International Best Selling Author

Quick Reminders of Holy Spirt's Love
“Not a day goes by that I do not talk to the Holy Spirit whether it is in my natural language or my prayer language. Our conversations are profound, personal and filled with promise. He promises He’ll never leave me and walks with me through trials and temptations, through joy and sorrow. I encourage you to invite Him in to every area of your life and you’ll see a difference. Mornings with the Holy Spirit provides quick reminders of how the Holy Spirit longs to dwell within you daily”.

Marilyn Hickey
President and Founder, Marilyn Hickey Ministries

A Glimpse Into God's Intimate Love for You
“In Mornings With the Holy Spirit, Jennifer LeClaire offers us a glimpse into the intimacy with God that is possible even now. He longs to have a deep, personal relationship with all believers because He delights in you. This inspiring devotional will encourage you to walk with Him, talk with Him, and love him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.”

Mike Bickle, Director,
International House of Prayer-Kansas City

Profound Words Like Water Washing Over My Soul
“The Word says, ‘In the morning You will hear me; in the morning will I present my case to You and then wait expectantly for an answer.' Jennifer has shown us how to do this, how to talk to God and then hear Him answer our heart's cry. She has laid it out so simply, yet it is so profound. Just reading her words felt like water washing over my soul. Read this and let the Holy Spirit both teach you as well as speak to you.”

Barbara J. Yoder,
Senior Pastor/Lead Apostle
Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center
Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network

A Gentle Guide for Those Seeking Closer Relationship With God
“Jennifer LeClaire's book, Mornings With The Holy Spirit, is a warm and gentle daily guide that will teach you how to effectively relate to the third person of the trinity. It is filled with wisdom that is simple enough for every one to comprehend, yet sufficiently profound to maintain the attention and focus of mature believers. Jennifer loves God and enjoys helping others find their greatest joy in Him too. I recommend her book to all who seek a closer relationship to God.”

Joan Hunter,
Author and healing evangelist
Founder of Joan Hunter MInistries, Hearts4Him
and head of Hunter Ministries

Encouragement to Develop a Keener Sensitivity to His Voice
“In a simple and yet powerful way, Jennifer LeClaire challenges and encourages her readers to develop a keener sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's voice. Her amazing, personal transparency—interwoven with the life-transforming Word of God—encourages a daily pursuit of His Presence. If you are in need of the Spirit's exhortation, comfort, and guidance in your life, Mornings with the Holy Spirit is not merely a “must read.” It is a “must experience” for the new believer and the seasoned Christ follower.”

Kay Horner,
Executive Director, Center for Spiritual Renewal



An Interactive Devotional That Helps You Seek Intimacy With God

If you hunger for greater intimacy with God, this devotional will quickly help you begin this journey. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts to experiencing deeper, richer closeness with the Lord. The key is simple: Simply become close friends with God Himself—the Holy Spirit Who lives within you. Through these 365 easy-to-read entries, LeClaire shares timely prophetic words that were spoken to her by the Holy Spirit that will surely be “just what you need” for that specific day!

Written in a unique, interactive style, you will surely find a word for every season of life. No matter what you are going through, the Spirit of God will release a timely impartation of strength to press on, faith to believe for the impossible, joy in the Lord’s goodness, rest in God’s presence, confidence in your identity, and hope to fulfill your God-given dreams through these devotional entries. After reading the daily devotional, you have the opportunity to interact by meditating on related Scripture verses and speaking prayers back to the Holy Spirit. Not only will you be strengthened for the day, but over the course of a year, you will be trained to hear and recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice speaking to your heart like never before!

Larry Sparks,
Author, Breakthrough Faith
Founder of Equip Culture
Host of Life Supernatural

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