God is preparing for something great

By Christy Adams

I remember when one of my friends that I’d grown up with had gotten engaged to the man of her dreams a few years ago. They had met and fallen in love during a particularly hard time in her life and it was a true God-send for the both of them. They dated a couple of years and he finally proposed to her at the family’s Fourth of July cookout in front of everyone. She was surprised and elated and she said yes, of course, lol.

She and her mother immediately sprang into action with thoughts, ideas, dates, and colors for the wedding. She had dreamed of the day for many years and she knew how and what she wanted. She bought tons of books. Books with dresses, shoes, color schemes, decorations, you name it. She began calling venues to price them and girlfriends she wanted in the bridal party. Her mother got with the soon to be groom’s mother and they began the invitation phase. Needless to say, everyone was thrilled about the wedding that had been planned to take place June 10th of the next year.

My friend began trying on gowns, almost as soon as she got engaged and after almost a month she announced that she’d found the one and her parents purchased it for her.

I was confused.

I wondered why in the world she would buy a dress almost a year in advance of the ceremony when she might find something else later on. She explained to me that all her life, she knew exactly what she wanted her dress to be for her. She had imagined it in her mind so many times and when she saw it, she would know it was the one. It was just a matter of finding it.

She told me it would take time to have it altered and all the necessary beading added and things of that nature. The dress would need that amount of time to be prepared for the big day and when finished, it would hang in the bag and wait for when it was needed. It sounded plausible to me and we continued to plan the event. The wedding went off perfectly, she looked beautiful and the dress was spectacular with all the new things that had been put on it by the seamstress. It certainly added to the beauty of the whole day, and it served it’s purpose well.

Remembering that particular occasion caused me to think of how God chooses us to fulfill a purpose. Like the bride choosing her gown, He knows exactly what He wants many years in advance in each of us. The thing He has to do is to pursue us and then prepare us to do what it is that we are designed to do. That can take a very long time, I’m living proof. But God doesn’t quit. He doesn’t get aggravated and just call the whole thing off. No, He is longsuffering and loving. He will pursue you until you turn to Him.

Then He will take you and alter you as needed so that you will “fit” Him. He will take away what’s unnecessary and add what’s needed to make you what He has called you to be. There will be a time of altering in your life as He works on you. Then, there will come a time when you just sit and wait for the big day to come. The day that He will bring you out of the shadows and use you for the purpose for which you were called. Only then will you will realize why all the alterations were needed, why He chose you long before the big day, and why you had to wait until the time was perfect.

My friend’s dress had to be taken in here and there, lace and beading added, and then there came a time when the seamstress was finished with her part and the dress was put in a safe place until the day arrived for the bride to bring it out and use it for what it was designed to do.

We are the same way. God picks us out long before He actually puts us on the job. He uses that time in between to prepare us and get us ready to fulfill our call that He has placed on our life. But in between the time that He called us and the day we step into our calling, there is a preparation and a separation. He is working on us and we must wait.

Even though the bride’s dress was ready, didn’t mean she could take it out and wear it. What would be the purpose in that? Who would it serve? It would certainly look pretty as she walked around in it, but that wasn’t what it was bought for. It was purchased to fulfill a need that she had on the big day almost a year away.

If you feel that God has called you to something and you’re not sure what it is, sit still. Don’t move. Allow Him to work on you, adding what’s needed and taking away what isn’t. Allow Him the necessary time to “alter” you so that you are what He wants for the day He brings you into your calling. Don’t try to rush God, He knows exactly what He’s doing.

I think of David.

God knew from the onset of time that He would choose David to be king. But David didn’t know it. David had no idea when he was a little boy that he would one day be the king. And God didn’t tell him either. At the age of five or six, God didn’t say, “Hey David, one day you’re gonna be king.” No, because David didn’t need to know that. So God chose him and then allowed his circumstances in the field as he tended sheep to grow him into who he needed to be. God “altered” David through his work as a shepherd to form him into the man he would one day be to fulfill the purpose that God had called him to fulfill.

We all have a purpose and a call on our lives and we have to sit back and allow God to take His time and prepare us. Don’t get worried if nothing is moving that you can see. Just trust that God is doing the work behind the scenes in preparation for your day to step out and fulfill your destiny.

Hang in there, your big day is approaching.

Christy Adams is a mother to son Joshua Caleb who is 25 years old. She lives in Matewan, WV and is a published author with three books on the market and another one to be published in April called “The Guardian”. She is currently working on a devotional which will use God’s Word to help women through difficult times in life, such as depression and loneliness. Christy is a full-time college student at Liberty University working toward her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in Christian Counseling. After that, she hopes to pursue her Master’s degree as well. God is the main focus of her life with everything else falling into place as it should. She is forty-nine years old and has endured many tragic events in life such as the death of both parents, being homeless, suffering domestic violence and ultimately ending up on the Dr. Phil show in 2015 as a contest winner. She has seen both good times and bad and she has maintained a love for her Savior at all times in her life.

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