“Do not fear the testings that will come in this year for I have already given you the key to overcome. My Word and the decreeing of My Word will cause you to overcome. The ferocious focus of faith upon what I have spoken to you will cause you to move forward in the victory that is already yours in Me. For the enemy will come in 2019 with new strategies and new ways to ‘lure,’ to ‘tempt’ and to ‘test.’ But, My people, you will overcome and conquer as you stay close to My heart and decree My Word.

“For these testing times and times of temptation are bringing a stretching and a fortification within you, My people, to carry My power in ways you have never experienced before. Do not despise the battles. Do not despise the time of testing, for I am giving you the keys to overcome. I am leading you into greater victory. There will be MAJOR demonstrations of My victory in and through your life in 2019 as you stay close to Me and hold onto My Word.”

Out of these times of “testing” and “temptation” the hearts of God’s people will burn for Jesus like never before as they hear His voice and the power of His Word (Luke 24:32).

The Importance of Divine Timing

The Lord also showed me that being sensitive to “divine timing” is so important in 2019. It’s important to be asking the Lord for His timing and to move forward in the rhythm of His heart.

In Matthew 4:1-11 the enemy was attempting to cause Jesus to step out into signs, wonders etc., before the divine time. The footnotes for Matthew 4:6 in the Passion Translation say: “This was a temptation to capitalize on being the Son of God and to force God to protect Him as He jumped. Jesus was being tested over restraining His power as the Anointed One and waiting until the timing of His Father in publicly releasing Him to work miracles and display His power. He was not sent to throw Himself down from the temple, but to throw down the temple and establish a new order of worship—as a true relationship with God is internal with every Believer now becoming the temple of God.”

The enemy will attempt to cause you to compromise in the VERY AREAS where God is moving you into increase and advancing you in—in the very areas where God is going to do a mighty work!

It is so important that we are listening to the divine timing of the Lord and moving forward in the timing of the Father as there will be a great temptation to run faster, out of the timing of God, and fall into “PRODUCTION.” If we, as God’s people, are not listening for His timing it will cause a “FAST FORWARD,” where we will miss what God is wanting us to flow in and move with Him in.

Major Demonstrations of the Power of His Word

As I watched these times of testing and trial come upon the Body of Christ, the Lord showed me that as God’s people hold strongly to the Word of God and live in the reality of Matthew 4:4—the words that flow from His mouth—there will be MAJOR demonstrations of the power of the Word of God and His power to overcome and conquer through us.

“‘Is not My Word like fire,’ declares the Lord, ‘and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?'” (Jeremiah 23:29)

There are going to be major demonstrations in these testing and tempting moments where the Word of God is going to come down like fire and like a hammer that smashes the temptation of the enemy. You will overcome by the ferocious focus of faith and the decree of the Word of God. These moments of wrestling in the testing and temptation will strengthen you as you stay close to His heart and decree His Word. There is a great and deep maturing that will take place within you in these times for you to carry the increase God is releasing. You will move out of these moments of “testing” and “temptation” empowered by the Spirit in ways you have never seen.


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  1. Yvette Marchetti

    This is a great kyros word! The flow onto kingdom-mindedness is a teaching we need right now. Thank you!

  2. Thomas

    What a timely Word. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  3. Yvonne McIndo

    Do I need to concentrate on any particular Bible verses or wait for the Holy Spirit to come?

  4. Robin

    Love this! What a confirmation <3 It's like literally reading both my recent mindset and the conviction of the Holy Spirit trying to bring things back into order. Thank you for this!


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