Are you a prophetic intercessor?

There are sure signs that you are a bit different than other intercessors and prayer warriors. If you are operating in several of these nine ways, it’s a sign that you are moving in the realm of prophetic intercession.

Get some education, inspiration and equipping in this short video and receive this strategic prayer by faith that will help you walk in your calling.
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  1. Korin Ericsson

    That’s 100% me!!! A prophetic intercessor!! Not to long ago Holy Spirit told me stay afterward a bible study to what’s called “The healing place” in my church and He specifically said He wanted me to ask the pastor to pray in agreement with me for my family. As I waited my turn sitting and listening to the songs from Rick Pino Abba Father and Gorgeous Face… my spirit was in travail. I had to fight the urge to just get up and leave because “the ones before me were taking to long praying” I knew it was the enemy. By God’s grace I stayed and waited until it was time for me to come up. Now when I went up my pastor and another lady prayed in agreement with me for my family especially for my older brother Kirk ( the praying happened on a Tuesday ) When we we’re done praying the travail stopped. The very next day (Wednesday) I find out that my oldest brother kirk overdosed on my mom’s bathroom and my youngest brother was able to revive him and sustain him by giving him rescue breaths. I gave a testimony at the church to encourage everyone to HEED THE VOICE OF HOLY SPIRIT WHEN HE WANTS US TO PRAY!

    • Susan Sanchez

      God bless you Prophetess LeClaire 💗💗🕊. Yes, I believe I am a prophetic intercessory. The Lord “has not” confirmed this to me but, I believe I am. God bless you so much. Love you sister LeClaire 💗🕊🕊🕊.

  2. Rosaline H.H

    Yes, I believe I am the prophetic intercessor. In Jesus mightiest name. The Holy Spirit always command me who, what to pray. I see other people spirit, situation.

  3. Cristi

    I totally understand!! WOW!! Thank you so much… I am one…

  4. Marilyn Biles

    I would go a different place as a young child and would not be aware of my surroundings during prayer. Later as I was older I would go to chapel by myself while other children were at recess. I may be the one you mentioned.

  5. Marilyn Biles

    I may be the one you described. About 7 yrs I would go into a trance like state during prayer. As I got older I would go to chapel at recess while the others were playing.

  6. Gwen

    Thank you .this explains my ĺife. I am also a phrophetic artist which adds so much depth to show the people I pray for.. I have experienced a shift to an additional level but ñot sure what it is. I give all of me the best I can.The Lord is pouring out to us and I am so grateful to be necessary and available


  7. Johnni Trail

    This is amazing! I’ve been doing this almost my whole life. I didn’t know what was going on, and at times even thought I was a little bit crazy. A few years ago I was at a church and was told that I was a prophetic intercessor, but I had no idea what that meant until now. Wow. I am just blown away. It makes so much sense now!

  8. Pastor Thomas Izzard

    I have just one question, what is a seer?

  9. Vanessa

    Oh my gosh..yes..haha the prayer list. 😂😂 yup.



  11. Agnes

    Wow,this truly somes up who I am. I thought I was weird. Thank you Jennifer for this powerful teaching

  12. Tim

    When I was 20 (35 years ago), I went to YWAM and did a DTS, on the DTS we learnt to regularly do Prophetical Intercession by listing to the Holy Spirit…
    I wonder how many of those people who learnt this have continued to do Prophetical Intercession today…
    Thanks for the video, encouraging!

  13. Mary Rose Robinson

    Great succinct teaching. Identified with all 9 points.Want to go deeper and higher into a Seer anointing. Was prophesied over me that I was one but didn’t understand at that time what that was. Looking up scriptures to verify the call. Dipping my foot into the pool but want to be fully immersed. Thank you for your heart and obedience to God.

  14. Lynn

    I just happened to check the junk mail tonight. I am not sure why i checked it or why you ended up in the junk mail? I listen to your 9 sighs you are a prophetic intercessor. you described my prayer life. Also, when I pray with others and I am praying in tongue, the person praying will be praying my prayer in English. Last night I saw the angels collecting the prayers in the women’s group at church.I was not expecting that because I did not feel like being at the church. Thank you. that helps me a lot.

  15. Beulah

    Please let me know how to join your 6am prayer time? Thank you!

  16. Calico Dawn Riley

    I believe I am a prophet intercessor!
    I was wondering why I am different but have known for 20 years that God was calling me for something great and powerful!
    seems like all my life I could feel others pain and emotions…
    Till I studied I thought I was physic or just lost in space … My father said I was flighty and up in the air !
    I actually told my pastor at church last night that I have experienced things this month that are new and I am seeking wisdom to use these gifts .. I was prophesying over a few church members last night and can interpret tongues … Tuesday I videotaped a live worship and when playing it back … saw orb like lights dancing around me … I felt emotional when I saw them … I asked my pastor if angels responded while I was in worship… He said Yes that will happen.
    I want to thank you for clarifying what I have been experiencing…
    I was told I had fire in my hands 5 years ago by my pastor and last year The Lord showed me I was a seer and that I would see more and more when i seek Him more and more … I pray in the spirit almost 24/7. Ever since my daughter went to heaven in 9/9/2012. It was part of the armor that kept the enemy away from my dreams.

    As I ministry effectively thru the Holy Spirit I pray for simplicity to reach the hearts of those who are seeking Him !
    My facebook ministry page is
    God’s Faithbook and my ministry in the church is Fellowship in the Kitchen.. The Rose of Sharon in Leduc Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

    I was just led to speak Live and worship live this past week.
    Please pray for me and I will pray for you as the Spirit leads me to !

    I was blessed to hear this … Thank you !

  17. Zaituni mmbuji

    I have received wonderful and blessed through thisspecial message from prophet Jennifer. My heart is filled with holy spirit for praying to others especial people in somalia and northern korea


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