As tensions between China and Taiwan grow stronger, the eyes of Southeast Asia are on this tiny island. Many pundits and politicians are prophesying China will take the nation by force in 2020 if Taiwan does not willingly agree to officially reunite.

Although Taiwan sits in a perilous position, this island nation is also in a strategic location in the region. The Lord showed me Taiwan is the eyes of Asia. Indeed, as I travel around the world I have rarely seen a people group so prophetically inclined toward dreams and visions. Now, these intercessors must incline their hearts toward spiritual war. I heard the Lord say:

“I am calling freedom fighters to arise in this hour. Taiwan’s freedom fighters look like prayer warriors who push back the darkness that is strategically working to overtake you. I am raising up freedom fighters who band together in true unity and reject any union with spiritual wickedness.

“I am calling the prophetic voices to arise and collectively put to flight the rulers of darkness that seek to rule your land. I will strengthen you. I will give you strategies. I will show you things to come so you can avoid the bondage of the former years and continue walking in liberty in My Spirit.

“I am looking for an ecclessia to rise up in power to shame the principalities that are aggressively seeking to destroy what I am doing in your land.”

Now is the time for freedom fighters to arise. However, these freedom fighters will fight in the spirit, understanding that we aren’t wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places (see Ephesians 6:12).

Notice the Lord said “true unity.” The church in Taiwan enjoys a unity that’s uncommon in the body of Christ, but must now bow to a union with ungodly forces such as Communism. A false unity through demonic deception will work to bring this nation back into bondage once again. The intercessors must stand against what will look to some like a convenient answer to a future economic crisis.

Many prophetic promises of revival have been proclaimed over Taiwan. Marine spirits like Leviathan and Python, with help from the spirit of Jezebel, are working in this and other Asian nations as a three-fold cord that is not easily broken (see Ecclesiastes 4:12). But as intercessors take their place and release the sound of war that pierces the ears of these principalities, victory is assured.

Prayer points for Taiwan:

  • Pray that China does not invade this Christian stronghold in the region.
  • Pray that Python and Leviathan spirits will be defeated.
  • Pray for the rise of prayer warriors who understand spiritual dynamics.
  • Pray that the gospel will infiltrate the marketplace through marketplace ministries rising.
  • Pray for the establishment of apostolic centers and houses of prayer that contend for the promised revival.
  • Pray for creativity among evangelists who work to reach the unchurched.
  • Pray for true prophetic voices to rise up without compromise.
  • Pray for signs and wonders that demonstrate Jesus is alive.



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  1. Kathryn Crawford

    I have longtime adulthood friends who became missionaries to Taiwan going on two years ago. They are in Tainan and this is their first assignment as missionaries. They are pastorinng and teaching English. They need prayer for health, finances and breakthrough for the people from strong fears of the idols. (Rick and Barb)

  2. Karen Bode

    I lived in Taiwan in 1986 after being invited by a Christian man I met in Ecuador. I have a love for these people and they will be in my prayers. Thank you for this heads-up for prayer warriors!


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