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Given the average human sleeps eight hours a night—one third of our time spent on planet earth—it should come as no surprise that God will at times speak to us through Spirit-inspired dreams. So then why are most of us clueless as to what they all mean?

In this installment of the dream series, Jennifer answers common questions to dream meanings. Stay tuned for dream interpretation tips.

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  1. Dorothy Nel

    I had a dream where I was being chased and when I reached end of the wall where I would be able to seascape by flying over and keep flying I had to make a decision cause when I looked over the wall it was a black sea I was faced with that I just could not see the end. The lake has an acute or poetic smell that I knew if I cannot find the end and I fall in I will be burnt and destroyed. What does it mean. I often dream escaping and often I am running flying in my dreams.

  2. Rickey Darnell Stinson

    I dream a lot of Eagels flying over me coming down killing snakes and feeding young eagles. On high on a clifts. I was doing he same thing I was over all the Eagels. the second dream I was flying high in a machine with no motor over water. I seem a lot of people I spoke over them I storm came dark cloud I Spoke over it and it disappear.


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