Friends, I wanted to alert you yet another demonic strategy to impersonate me and use my name to merchandise the saints.

Yesterday, someone hijacked my photos and created a fake Facebook account with the name Heart Ofthe Prophetic. This is a variation of my Facebook page, which has more than 53,000 members. (Click here to join my REAL Facebook page.)

This nefarious character is replicating posts from my page to make it look and sound like me and sending out friend requests in my name to Christians and has already built a small following.

Now, he's asking for money. This same thing happened to Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnke, John Eckhardt, Heidi Baker and others. In those instances, the criminal hijacker is offering prayer in exchange for money.

You all know that I preach hard against merchandising, so it’s ironic that the devil would try to use my personal brand to fleece the sheep. I have contacted Facebook about this, considering the breach of my likeness and intellectual property, and the social networking giant so far has refused to do anything about it.

Can you help? Here’s what you can do.

1. Go to this page:


There you will see a box on the right hand corner that says, “Message.”

2. Click the arrow and choose “Report and/or Block.”

3. Click “Submit a Report” and “Report Heart’s account”

4. Click “This timeline is using a fake name.”

5. Do not block them. Just click “Submit a report” in the bottom left hand corner.

There are other options, but I’ve explored all of them and this seems to be the best choice.

I’m appalled that a criminal merchandiser would once again use my identity and also appalled that Facebook is ignoring the issue. If enough of us file a complaint, we can save some innocent people from being merchandised in my name.

Thanks for your help,



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