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Sandra Kennedy’s lip was accidentally bitten off by her pet dog. The doctor said she would be severely deformed. But Sandra learned God made healing simple. She wants to show you how to receive yours.

Dr. Sandra Kennedy says by the power of God’s Word, you can conquer anything and everything the enemy sends your way, then continue to conquer all the days of your life!

Receiving your healing was never meant to be complicated. It is as simple as putting God’s Word into practice. Sandra Kennedy’s groundbreaking teachings in The Simplicity of Healing are practical and apply to every area of your life.

Sandra’s testimony is powerful. You also learn how God’s Word is your secret to:

• Building unshakeable faith in God’s power
• Releasing faith through confession and declaration
• Activating the multiplied power of agreement
• Rising above circumstances that rise against you
• Persevering for breakthrough by protecting your focus

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