I, Myself, will help you. Don’t allow bitterness and don’t allow resentment to invade your heart and steal your blessing. Don’t allow these wrong emotions to come in and overtake you. But, let My spirit overtake you, says the Lord, because I, Myself, will provide for all of your needs. I, Myself, will teach you how to set right boundaries. I, Myself, will bless you for your self-sacrifice. I, Myself, will bless you for all the things you did that were motivated by love. I, Myself, will bless you. Nobody else can bless you the way that I can bless you, says the Lord. Nobody else can repay you for the servitude that you’ve poured out upon others, says the Lord.


When you really do things as unto Me, says God, you will have a peace and resentment will not flow through your veins. When you really do things as unto Me, says the Lord, then you will see My hand in it. You will feel My grace upon it, says the Lord, and you will understand and know that there is a reward for you that surpasses any reward that man can ever express to you or hand to you, says God. So, look to Me and yes, bless people.


Yes, take up their burdens. Yes, carry them on your back in seasons of pain, if you have to, says the Lord, but do it as unto Me. Do it as lead by My spirit, says the Lord, and there would be no room for the enemy to say, “They didn’t appreciate me.” There will be no room, says the Lord, for the enemy to say, “They don’t even have any gratitude. They don’t even say thank you.” For think of the ten lepers, says the Lord, whom Jesus healed. He helped them in one afternoon, says God, and only one came back to say thank you. Jesus said, “Where are the other nine?”


So many of you have helped, you’ve pressed, you’ve pushed, you’ve prayed, you’ve done everything you can to help many, many people and so few say thank you, says God. So, I’m saying to you today, thank you. Thank you for being my hands and feet. Thank you for being obedient to My will and let My thanks permeate your soul and bring you great joy because I, Myself, appreciate you, says God. Because you have allowed Me to use you.


So, do everything as unto Me, says God. Do everything as unto Me. Do it as motivated by My love, by My Spirit and My peace and My joy will rest upon you. Your eternal rewards are greater than any thanks you can ever receive in this age, says God. The eternal rewards are greater than anything you can ever receive from man in this age, says God, but I will bless you here and now. I won’t just bless you in the by and by, says God, but, I will bless you in the here and now. Hear Me, saints. The Lord says, I will bless you. Not just in the by and by, but in the here and now.


For anyone who denies brother and sister and gives up houses and land for My sake, says the Lord, I will repay them in the age to come and in this age. I will not leave you without. I will not leave you lacking when you follow Me, when you really follow Me, says the Lord. When you walk through that narrow gate. When you determine in your heart that nothing in this age is worth what can be attained in the age to come through obedience.


You will see and know a peace that you’ve never known, and resentment will not be able to come near you. Because you will push it back, like you would push a snake out of your house. Because, resentment robs your blessing, says the Lord. When you do something for someone and then resent it. When you do something for someone and then get bitter because they didn’t appreciate it, or they didn’t return the blessing to you in your time of need.


When you do these things, when you take on this attitude, says God, you’re hindering the flow of My blessings. So, rejoice! Even when people don’t say thank you, rejoice! And remember that I appreciate you, says the Lord. And, do everything as unto Me.



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  1. Pamela Beatty

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO PRECIOUS TO ME!!!!!! Yes, He is my Healer and He will continue to help me walk out my forgiveness while keeping healthy boundary lines. He helps me to stay strong AND sweet……God bless you, Princess Warrior Jennifer!

    • Idaline Meralus

      I needed to hear those word today so that I can successfully resist resentment.I have done many good deeds for my loves ones but it seems like I had done nothing at all. But God is all knowing I bring the matter to Him. Thank you! Jennifer LeClaire I bless in Jesus name.

    • Tonya

      I can’t express what this meant to me. Thank you

  2. Mary

    Thankyou, so much. Very true. I consciously try to ask God to forgive me every day, for unknowingly harboring any resentment etc.

  3. N' ericka Carter

    This prophecy is very much on key for me. Awesome!!!


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