On September 13, 2019 at Awakening House of Prayer South London, I saw a vision of a crown rotating. Then I saw a scepter. I heard the Lord say, “Pray for Queen Elizabeth to have boldness. She will need to make a bold move. One more bold move.”

With Oct. 31 looming and the difficulties gaining a majority in Parliament over Brexit, could Queen Elizabeth use her Royal Prerogative to determine the fate of the United Kingdom in the context of a European exit?

We did see her offer Royal Assent to a piece of legislation seeking to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union without an exit deal on Oct. 31.

Could the 93-year-old monarch be something like a Queen Esther of our time to save a nation? Will she be forced to fire Prime Minister Boris Johnson if he receives a vote of no confidence a refuses to resign?

The monarchy has already taken loads of criticism for suspending Parliament at Johnson’s request, but she would likewise have taken loads of criticism if she had denied his request.

Could Queen Elizabeth, who has historically remained out of the political fray as constitutional monarch, wield her influence at this critical moment in the nation’s history?

While some are speculating about the end of the monarch, could this constitutional crisis reveal the wisdom and authority of the queen to step in when the government is out of answers?

Given the sensitive nature of this topic, I hesitate to say more. Let’s pray for boldness for our Queen at such a time as this. Let’s pray she find courage to execute the will of the Lord for the United Kingdom. Pray for boldness.–Jennifer LeClaire, Awakening House of Prayer


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  1. purepearlfromthesea@live.com

    One of her titles is defender of the faith, however in Canada she failed to act in response to a petition from Canada regarding the striking down the Lords day act in the 1980’s. That opened the door to all our laws and freedoms that were based on the 10 commandments to be affected. (definition of marriage, right to life, protection of the faith). She failed to act in 1976 when Canada became a signatory to the international treaty of civil and political rights which in turn affected our sovereignty (globalism=fake kingdom ruling in the land) . Unless she sees the light….does a leopard change its spots…God save the Queen

  2. Kerra Drachenberg

    Was praying for the Queen and UK…
    Had image of Elizabeth taking her vows in ‘tent’ at coronation ceremony.
    Look up what the name “Elizabeth” means… “Consecrated to God”, “My God is a vow”, “My God is abundance” Wow! For such a time as this!
    He shall provide in abundance for Queen Elizabeth and His people of the United Kingdom!
    “The Heart of a Lion”
    “For the King of Kings and for His Glory!”

  3. Agatha

    The Lord will cause her to will and to do for such a time as this.
    May the will of the Lord be done in Jesus name.

  4. Norma Savitsky

    The EU’s demands will be so outrageous Britian will not succomb to them. Britain will not agree to this. Do not let Northern Ireland be a backdoor for the EU, their goods and overflow of migrants. Stop their hidden agenda and backdoor scheme to undermine Brithish Rule and Law. No illegal entrance into Britain through Northern Ireland. No demonic devices, plans and False motives in their dealings with N. Ireland will go Uncovered. Bring their hidden agenda to Light, the Light of Truth and let all devilish plots and schemes be brought Nothing, in Jesus Almighty Name. Amen!

  5. Mary Tuzzolo

    Pray for the Queen to hear/see clearly from God and to speak decisively for the Will of God in this matter. The EU is a globalist entity. Boris Johnson is (at least) an economic nationalist for Britain’s automony in the world. Not all members of the UK are for Brexit. But a minority vote caused the delay in the decision. The majority of members want Brexit, just as the majority of businesses large and small entrepreneurs favor the free environment of capitalism in the U.S. The restrictive rules of the EU which locks Britain into larger contributions to the EU than other member nations and provides less benefit back to Britain. The cause of Brexit is in the best interest of both the national economy and political autonomy of Great Britain even as capitalism is in the best interest of governing self-automony of a free democratic republic is in the United States.



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