During last night’s prayer meeting, I kept hearing the word “reset.” It feels like God is really resetting a lot of things.

In Him doing so it feels like some things are being squeezed out, and some screwed into place. There are also some things that feel as though they are being opened up to let air out. These are things that people have bottled up and not addressed.

The church is now coming into the late harvest, which represents the “suddenlies.” These are the sudden, supernatural, miraculous breakthroughs of God.

Because of this, the enemy is using various ploys to bring about misunderstanding and misrepresentation. However, where the Spirit of the Lord is resetting things in the Body of Christ, He is establishing a real atmosphere of truth.

Some are resisting this and want to remain in their own ways because change seems difficult and they just don’t want to bother with it. But I feel the Lord really speaking His grace and peace into the areas of peoples’ lives in which they don’t know how to align properly. His anointing is bringing about the understanding needed to complete the reset that is taking place.

During this time of resetting you have to just trust God. Know that things are all working together for your good, and don’t look for different ways to self-medicate. Instead, continue to stay in the place of rest. His grace and peace is present, and your focus is to resist everything the enemy would bring to keep you bound in your old ways. This reset is for relaunch.


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  1. Chara

    Hello ! I have been following your articles for quite sometime now – in charisma magz; i love the Word and how God is using you to bless the Body of Christ !
    Pray for me and my husband – as we have been attacked by Jezebel spirit – and they shut us down- praying for justice and truth will prevail- church is suffering right now- many people left .


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