“Hello, My name is Danielle … and I handle PR for Australia-based author and Wiccan educator Lady Tamara Von Forslun, who recently published the first installment in her series about the Wicca religion titled Complete Teachings of Wicca Book One: The Seeker.”

I received this e-mail in my inbox yesterday. Yes, really.

Apparently, Forslun writes under the moniker “The Witch of Oz.” In her new book, she offers readers a “comprehensive introductory guide to the foundational teachings of the Wicca tradition that encourages [you] to explore their spiritual depths, reflect on the needs of their soul and reawaken and rejuvenate their natural self.”

Forslun has been walking as a witch for more than five decades and now she wants to help you find the witch in you, her PR person says. They offered to send me a review copy and hope I’ll interview her. Yes, really.

“Through this series, I hope to educate others about this ancient and powerful belief system while also honoring and respecting human differences with tolerance and openness,” says Forslun. “Ultimately, ‘Complete Teachings of Wicca’ shows us how we can awaken the Witch within and become one with each other, nature and the Goddess.”

I don’t have a witch within. I have the Holy Spirit. No one else has a witch within either. We are created in the image of God, who is not a witch or a warlock or a goddess.

I am not writing this article to pick a fight. I am writing this article to shine light into the darkness. Ephesians 5:12-14 says. “For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things are exposed when they are revealed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. Therefore He says: ‘Awake, you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”

I’m believing for a Third Great Awakening. But the devil is clearly driving toward a great awakening of the occult. This revival of the devil’s witchcraft is unto an awakening to the occult that will set the very elect up to be deceived, it if is possible (see Matt. 24:24). False signs and wonders will rise, along with false prophets and false christs.

We need to pray. A generation of youth has been exposed to witchcraft games, television shows, movies and more. I was in Barnes & Noble just the other day watching two witches make friends as they bemoaned one popular Wiccan’s use of the name of Jesus in a radio broadcast. She was seen as a compromiser. Yes, really.

The enemy is seducing people who are looking for the supernatural into a counterfeit movement could have dangerous eternal outcomes. In the book of Revelation, God has made it clear the fate of those who practice such things: sorcerers will have their portion in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone (see Rev. 21:8). Let’s keep pressing back this darkness and pray for those who are in bondage to witchcraft. God loves witches, too, but hates the witchcraft.


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  1. Andrea

    Ah, in the last days – we must be so alert?

  2. Andrea

    We gotta be alert!

  3. Susannah

    God delivered me from witchcraft some 50 years ago and I have walked closely with Him ever since. The occult is insidious and attractive to anyone who seeks personal power. I’m convinced there is a lot of demonic oppression in our politics and educational system today. Pray hard, America!

    • Rachel

      Susannah, Praise God for your deliverance. He can and will use you mightily and strategically as an aid to help combat witchcraft and lead them to Christ.I agree with you 100% regarding demonic oppression in politics and education. One of my favorite pastors, Dr Matthew Stevenson III, stated that the average christian has no idea as to the actual amount of demonic activity in our society today.
      Unfortunately, I’ve experienced first hand the very dark side of witchcraft. My ex-husband became involved in the occult shortly after we separated. His anger and hurt towards me fueled his desire for power and revenge. Being thrown into this “war”, so to speak, the Lord has shown me many, many things, one of which is the mass amount of people involved. This ranges from everyday citizens to some of the very elite in our government.Of-course it’s all done in secret. We definitely need to pray. I am faithful in believing that God is about to uncover/expose and uproot this very evil being done in the dark. I pray more eyes are opened to the truth of this matter.

  4. Hope

    The Lord has recently been impressing upon me (quite emphatically) that we need to pray for the salvation of those trapped in witchcraft. He reminded me of the verse in Matthew 5:44 that says, “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” While witches and the like are our enemies, and even persecute us through spiritual attacks, Jesus wants us to pray that they would come to know Him and be set free. This is the ultimate response to the warfare coming through them.

  5. Hilda Lund

    If I were you I would meet her and have a talk with her. Many of them are really open, and as I see it they were often born with prophetic gifts and callings, and it should be a priority for us to get them back, at least have a talk with them when they actually contact us. I work with the Streams Ministry UK with dream interpretation, even if I am from Norway, these are the people we really want to reach.


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