Angelic Release Value Resource Kit


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Angelic Release Value Kit

Angels are all around us, but when we recognize and cooperate with these ministering spirits we stand to benefit the most from their presence. Angels seek to glorify God with their mission to help mankind. Get equipped with these three resources that will open your eyes to the reality of angels on assignment and teach you how to activate these spiritual allies to help you in your life.

My Angelic Release Value Kit Includes three resources that will change the way you see angels and help you cooperate with and release them:

  1. Angels of Abundant Harvest (paperback book)
  2. Angels on Assignment Again (paperback book)
  3. Prayers that Activate Angels (audio CD)

Get this $50 value resource package for only $39.99 by hitting the button on the product item above.

You can also buy these books individually here:

Angels of Abundant Harvest
Angels of Abundant Harvest
Angels on Assignment Again
Angels on Assignment Again
Prayers that Activate Angels
Prayers That Activate Angels


My Angels are On AssignmentMake a declaration to the world that you believe in the ministry of angels–and remind yourself that these ministering spirits are waiting for you to decree God's Word. Your angels are on assignment. Be sure to tell us what size you need.

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