Cleansing Your Home From Evil (Kindle)


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Do You Have Cursed Objects in Your Home?

Many people unwittingly own objects that are gateways for evil. These everyday, “cursed objects” can open the doors for demons to wreak havoc in every area of your life and family.

This demonic activity may manifest through night terrors, sleep paralysis, poltergeists, or ghosts. Or it may be more subtle, bringing harm through physical ailment, emotional distress, and financial setback. But you don’t have to tolerate the presence of demons in your home! You can kick the devil out today!

In Cleansing Your Home from Evil, renowned spiritual warfare expert Jennifer LeClaire reveals how demonic activity can enter your life through cursed objects, offering practical solutions to supernaturally cleanse the atmosphere!

You will learn:

  • 13 signs that you have cursed objects in your home
  • What “cursed objects” are, and what you should do with them
  • How to recognize if you are being influenced by demonic activity
  • How to expose demonic gateways such as New Age practices, violent media, satanic objects, etc.
  • How to protect your children from items that can create demonic doorways in their bedrooms
  • How to bless your home by dedicating it to God and building a family altar to the Lord

Don’t spend one more day unaware of the enemy’s schemes against you and your family! Follow these strategies and shut down the devil’s plan to terrorize your home!

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