The Next Great Move of God

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Before its foundation America first flew the Appeal to Heaven flag. It was the banner George Washington used on his navy ships to signal that their only hope against British rule and religious persecution was an appeal to heaven. The crusade continues today. Sparked in part by a revelation Dutch Sheets received over the course of twelve years, the nation is being called back to prayer for a Third Great Awakening. As a result, pockets of revival are breaking out across the nation. Through in-depth interviews, eye-witness accounts, transcribed speeches, and prophetic visions from noted leaders such as Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, the late Steve Hill, and others, The Next Great Move of God serves as a means to not only fan the fires of revival unto this awakening but also equip you to sustain it.

Read What Leaders in the Body of Christ Are Saying About This Book

Jennifer Makes the Case
“As Jennifer LeClaire chronicles in this book, God is bringing this flag back to the forefront in America … Jennifer makes this clear, and makes the case that the time for this is now. Read this book! Allow your heart to dream with God about a nation reborn; about partnering with Him to birth and spread the greatest awakening America and the world have ever experienced. You were born for such a time as this—seize the day!”


Dutch Sheets
Internationally recognized author, teacher and conference speaker and author of Intercessory Prayer

Your Heart Will be Stirred
“Jennifer LeClaire speaks my heart as she calls for our repentance—without excuse and without compromises—and points us towards America’s only hope: a national awakening. Your heart will be stirred as you read these pages. It’s an urgent time in America, but it’s not too late for divine intervention.”


Michael L. Brown
Founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry, host of the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show The Line of Fire, and the author of over 20 books

This Book Will Stir Your Spirit to Pray
We stand at a critical moment in our nation's history. We need to encounter God and take action as the powers of darkness continue raging against the moral fabric of America. This book will stir your spirit to pray for revival and a spiritual awakening in our nation. A must read!

Mike Bickle, Director,
International House of Prayer-Kansas City

Standing on the Brink
Jennifer LeClaire in her book weaves a tapestry through the voices of many of God's servants that something very big is coming. Get ready—we stand in the brink of the greatest move of God the world has ever seen that will result in the greatest harvest of souls and usher in the return of the King. May this book stir your heart to pray and to position yourself so that you can be actively involved in the next move of God!


Rodney Howard-Browne
President and founder of Revival Ministries International and River Bible Institute and pastor of the River at Tampa Bay Church in Tampa, Florida.

A Strong Warning With Resounding Hope
“What a rich resource! Jennifer LeClaire has offered strong warning, resounding hope and a clear path to revival by drawing on the insights of a wide variety of leaders, both past and present, as well her own heart – a heart obviously fully devoted to Jesus. She joins a rising chorus of prophetic voices crying out for a true modern day reformation. Read and reread this book. It is much needed and wonderfully refreshing!”


Loren Sandford
Senior pastor of New Song Church and Ministries in Denver, Colorado and author of Understanding Prophetic People


An Evident Passion for God
“Jennifer LeClaire has done an amazing job bringing together the thoughts, vision  and insights of many key leaders who have a heart for revival! Her prophetic calling, gift of writing and access to a vast array of pastors, prophetic leaders and scholars has come forth in this delightful book that will not only inspire you but inform you. Her passion for God and love for His people is clearly evident.”


Joseph Mattera
“Overseeing bishop of Resurrection Church and Christ Covenant Coalition, in Brooklyn, New York, and author of numerous books including Ruling in the Gates: Preparing the Church to Transform Cities.”

The Roots of Awakening
“I really appreciate how Jennifer LeClaire ties us to the roots of awakening.  America was born in awakening and now God is returning us to our roots. Read this book and let's arise to possess the land for Christ and His Kingdom.”

Ken Malone
Forerunner Ministries

The Hope of His Coming

“The gifted pen of Jennifer LeClaire has proven to be a powerful tool to scribe the insight of many significant voices in The Next Great Move of God. The variety of voices provide a wonderfully unique and broad perspective for the singular hope of His coming. I encourage everyone to read this encouraging and powerful book. It will encourage you to become a part of the storyline of The Next Great Move of God.”

Rick Curry, Lead Pastor
King's Way Church in Pensacola, FL

Leading the Way to Awakening
“In every generation, the Lord has raised up people to lead the way to awakening.  Jennifer LeClaire is one of those people in our generation. As an eyewitness to biblical transformation in Manchester, KY (the City of Hope) the Lord brought us to desperation. Hope replaced despair and the manifest presence of the Lord came into our city. We were changed forever. This book will stir you to pray and act upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray this book reaches every Christian Leader in America. Thank you, Jennifer for your courage and insight. Awakening .. do it again, Lord! Our hope is in You.”

Doug Abner
Former pastor of Manchester Community Church

A Compelling Case for Spiritual Awakening
“Jennifer LeClaire has presented a compelling case for another great, national spiritual awakening in our land. Her passion for God, truth and authentic revival shine through on every page. I highly recommend this book.”

Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt
Hyatt International Ministries
Author of 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity

A Prophetic Word for This Hour
“Revival does not come by coincident or accident. It is heaven's response to the intentional fervent prayers of a people no longer satisfied with the status quo. In these last days the necessity for the revival is evident. Even now God is ready to release a great outpouring of his spirit if his people will humbly position themselves in prayer and make an appeal to heaven. Jennifer LeClaire has skillfully brought together a chorus of voices from the revivalists of the past and present to pen a prophetic word for this hour. You're not holding this book by accident. There is already a stirring within you for more. What follows is a starting point for personal and national awakening.”


Daniel Norris
Having served alongside Steve Hill for over a decade, Daniel has been instrumental in bringing the message of revival and repentance to the world. He is the founder of Daniel Norris Ministries

Shining a Light on What the Lord is Doing
William Booth, an 1800s Methodist Preacher and founder of the Salvation Army, stated,  “I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.” How eerily prophetic and insightful his words seem to be for us today. Yet, in the midst of dark getting darker, the Light of Christ is getting brighter. Jennifer LeClaire has refreshingly shed a spot light on what the Lord is doing in and through many streams in the Body of Christ.

It only takes a few seeds to produce a great harvest and spark revival fires. Unconnected groups are spontaneously seeking the Presence of the Lord through corporate times of Worship, Prayer and Fasted-ness. It's like a picture of many flickers of flames or candles across the land, yet when the Holy Spirit wind blows upon them, it will turn into one great fire of revival. There is a cry, an Appeal to Heaven for Heaven's intervention in our generation that will awaken the church and spark revival through the Church. Charles Finney said, “Revival is no more a miracle than a crop of wheat.”

The miracle is not the tilling of the soil, the planting of the seed, the watering or tending to the crops. The miracle is what the Lord does with the seed itself when it is planted. We hear allot today about breakthrough and revival, but true revival happens when we humble ourselves and acknowledge our only hope lies in the Presence and Power of God Himself. I believe that as you read through this book, you will find commonalities of those things that attract the Manifest Presence of the Lord, thus releasing His Great Power and Great Grace.

Winkie Pratney says it well, “When God finds someone with courage to pray and live a life of holiness and compassion, He can literally change the face of a nation.” Like never before, we need men and women of courage who are lovers of truth more than life itself. We need Individual Heart Awakening that becomes a Corporate Church Awakening, if we are to impact the Soul of a Nation. I pray that all who read through this book will find themselves with a renewed longing for His Presence and a deep desire to be seed for the soil of souls.”


Doug Stringer
Somebody Cares America
Somebody Cares International