The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Jezebel

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You’ll Never Defeat Jezebel Without This Revelation

According to leading prophetic voice Jennifer LeClaire, the subversive Jezebel spirit continues to deceive many. She shows, with keen biblical insight, that Jezebel does much more than most believers thought–and that it's time to expose the deceit and defeat the spirit's insidious work.

By pulling back the curtain on this seducing principality, LeClaire picks up where other books on Jezebel leave off. She demonstrates biblically not only that the Jezebel spirit uses control as a weapon but that it is a mastermind of immorality and outright idolatry. She also gives spiritual warriors the real-world strategies needed for defeating this dark spirit in the lives of God's people.

Is Jezebel bending you to its will?

What is the “spirit of Jezebel”–and what influence does it have on your life? Despite decades of teaching on this subject and specific warnings in the Old and New Testaments, the Church is still being distracted from her end-time purpose. This high-level principality fools sincere believers into directing their prayer power against controlling individuals in their midst, while the real enemy and its real purpose remain hidden.

Through Scripture, prophetic insight and practical experience, Jennifer LeClaire roots out the underlying workings of this evil spirit. Manipulation and control are just surface-level fruit. The devil's deeper agenda, she explains, is idolatry and immorality.

If you are a believer, then you are already being baited by this seductive spirit. This guidebook shows you how to identify the true enemy and engage in effective warfare. Here are the weapons you need to battle the Jezebel deception–and win.

Read What Leaders in the Body of Christ Are Saying About This Book

Every Christian Needs to Read this Book
“Jennifer LeClaire has blessed the Body of Christ by uncovering and revealing the real spirit of Jezebel. Every Christian needs to read this book. It will enlighten and enable every believer to discern the spirit of Jezebel and overcome its seductive goals of leading God’s people into sexual immorality and idolatry. God bless you, Jennifer, for having the courage to expose the Jezebel spirit.”

Dr. Bill Hamon, bishop, Christian International Ministries Network
Author, Prophets and Personal Prophecy, Day of the Saints and 10 others

Peeling Back the Layers of a Seductive Spirit
“Church trends come and go, but the principalities and powers we wrestle with as the body of Christ haven't changed for millennia. In her latest book, Jennifer LeClaire exposes the timeless Jezebel spirit that still deceives believers today into believing it is merely about control and manipulation. By peeling back the layers of this seductive spirit, Jennifer not only opens the eyes of unaware believers, she equips them for war. And having worked daily with Jennifer on the front lines of media and ministry, I know few others as battle-tested as she is in fighting this rampant force.”

Marcus Yoars, editor, Charisma

Exposing Jezebel’s Roots With Prophetic Precision
This book could not be more timely! With the resurgence of extreme forms of “Antinomianism” perverting the grace of God, as well as a “seditious” spirit that desires to undermine God’s truths, we need to be awakened to the underpinnings from hence they come from.

Jennifer LeClaire with prophetic precision magnifies and exposes the root causes and principalities that would seduce and ultimately destroy the voice and authority of the individual believer and the corporate church. There has been a subtle, yet deceptive creeping into the church a seduction for place and power. It seems we have bought into the, “How to make friends and influence people” mentality. Many of us do not even recognize how far we have fallen. We have settled for a form of Cosmetic Christianity. It is much like Costume Jewelry. It may shine and glitter, but is cheap in value.

The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel will provoke you to an honest review and equip you to be cloaked with God’s authority through a life of authenticity and holiness in Christ. Our private choices have public consequences, yet to those who will be honest with themselves and hungry for truth, you will find the message of this book liberating and victorious, not confining and defeating.

Doug Stringer
founder / president
Somebody Cares America
Somebody Cares International
Turning Point Ministries International
Houston, Texas

A Book that Cuts Through the Jezebel Hype
Finally, a book that cuts through the husk, hype and hysteria surrounding Jezebel and its diabolical doctrine of sexual immorality. Many have tried but failed to expose the real underlying error that triggered such spiritual havoc in the church of Thyatira and continues throughout the Body of Christ to this day. Using her anointed pen and powerful prophetic voice, Jennifer LeClaire provides us with insight, wisdom and instruction on how to recognize and deal with this deadly and dangerous foe. An essential read for all spiritual leaders.

David Ravenhill, Author and teacher

A Must Read for Spiritual Warriors
The story of Jezebel is timeless. The spirit that drove her drives multitudes today. It is obvious that Jennifer LeClaire has dealt with this spirit’s treacherous tactics. As a watchman on the wall, Jennifer has been motivated to write this war manual. It should be in the hands of all who refer to themselves as ‘spiritual warriors.’ There are no wasted words, and there is no time to waste! According to the Word of God, ‘The name of the wicked shall rot’ (Proverbs 10:7). Jezebel’s name has rotted, but her character continues to influence thousands of lives today. Let’s devour this teaching and destroy the spirit once and for all.

Steve Hill, Evangelist, Dallas

New Insights for Empowerment and Prayer
A challenging, amazingly helpful, unusual book! Spiritual warriors gain new insights for empowerment and prayer. Using many eye-opening Scriptures, shocking illustrations and reliable resources, Jennifer LeClaire boldly unveils Jezebel and Babylon, master agents of the adversary who seeks to wreck society and destroy the Church. A masterful guide for counterattack.

Ernest Gentile, Ministers Fellowship International;
Honorary member, Apostolic Leadership Team