Prophecy: There’s a Port of Revival in Portugal

by Jennifer LeClaire | June 18, 2019|

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Prophecy: There’s a Port of Revival in Portugal

by Jennifer LeClaire | June 18, 2019|

“There is a port of revival in Portugal.” The Holy Spirit whispered those words to me as I was heading to the European nation on June 4, 2019. When we landed in Lisbon after an overnight flight and set out for a walk, the first thing I saw was the Port of Lisbon, the third-largest in the nation. This port captures traffic at the intersection of the River Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean. When I saw the megaships at the…

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Why You Should Make a Prayer Book Today

by God TV | June 16, 2019|

People pray every day. Christian and non-Christian, we all say the words, “Please God…” throughout our days. Often, we pray without even thinking about it. We lift up requests about our job, our kids, and over our meals. We pray for a good day at work, a good grade on that exam, and for that light to stay green. We also throw in a, “Thank you, God” for good measure. You know, those quick little prayers that allow us to…

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Words of Wisdom from a Millennial Prophetess

by Kris Vallotton | June 14, 2019|

I’ve heard it prophesied that revival is going to begin in our youth. I went through a season a few years ago when every time I would hear this word I would weep uncontrollably, but I had no idea why. Something was stirring in my heart that my head had yet to comprehend. Then the Lord spoke to me. He said that revival is not coming from the youth; revival is coming from one big generation—old, young, and middle-aged. He…

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How Pentecostal Churches Took Over the World

by Davo Roos | June 14, 2019|

It was the summer of 1906 and something extraordinary was taking place in a tumble-down shack in the industrial outskirts of Los Angeles. Crowds gathered day and night at the Apostolic Faith Mission to be part of the Azusa Street revival, a charismatic Christian renewal movement led by a black minister from Louisiana named William Seymour. The Los Angeles Times took notice of the unusual spiritual awakening on Azusa Street, describing ecstatic attendees "breathing strange utterances and mouthing a creed…

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How To Be Free From Addiction: Four Keys To Finding Freedom

by God TV | June 13, 2019|

Have you ever picked weeds only to find them growing back a few days later?  Different addiction in our lives are like the pesky weeds we try to remove only to have them grow back. Ever wondered how to be free from addiction or if it is even possible? If you find yourself struggling with addiction – there is hope. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (see John 14:6) and He is our hope for freedom!You have reached…

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“A Word for God’s Prophets in a Ferocious Battle”

by Lana Vawser | June 13, 2019|

The Lord spoke to me that many prophets have been in a private battle, especially recently. They have been "fighting for their lives" and for their "mantle" behind closed doors. These private battles have left many feeling beaten down and broken. The Lord spoke to me that this word is not a corporate word for every prophet in the Body of Christ; this is a word for those prophets who have been in a ferocious battle lately. You have reached…

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Discover How You Can Go Deeper With God Through Prayer And Fasting

by God TV | June 12, 2019|

Did you know that prayer and fasting can facilitate a powerful spiritual detox? We all go through periods where we feel we need a reset. In the natural that may translate into trying to get back into shape by joining a gym or trying out a new diet. There are of course 101 diets, but even more effective for the believer is making the decision to have a spiritual reset through prayer and fasting.You have reached the end of this…

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40 Kids Singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Survive Unharmed As Church Is Hit By A Tornado

by Joyca Lorriene | June 12, 2019|

Mt Zion Baptist Church is a 50-year-old church located in McCracken County, Kentucky, USA. The church was hit by an EF2 tornado, that caused the roof to be ripped off. Thank God, all 40 preschoolers and 10 staff members who were in another part of the building at the time survived unharmed.You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths article LOG INI have…

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The Peril of Megachurches: Political Correctness

The Peril of Megachurches: Political Correctness

by Shane Idleman | June 11, 2019|

By the title you might assume I’m against megachurches, I’m not. God often blesses a work, and a church grows, but there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Some megachurches are doctrinally sound, filled with excitement and expectations, while others have a mere motivational speaker leading them away from theological depth and width. In the past, many churches could avoid hot-topic issues, but not today. A clear line of demarcation is being drawn in the sand. Many pastors are choosing between…

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“God is Birthing Something New that You Didn’t See Coming”

by Nate Johnston | June 11, 2019|

Recently, I've been consumed by a recurring theme. The Lord keeps speaking to me about how we are in a moment in time where He is DECOMMISSIONING and COMMISSIONING the people of God. There has been such an increase in angelic activity to both decloak the old mantle of the Body of Christ and cloak it with the new, as well as distribute a fresh UNCTION, OIL, FIRE and FUEL to run forward.You have reached the end of this Article…

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“How to Deal with the Attacks Coming Against You”

by Madeline James | June 10, 2019|

I had a recent dream that caught my attention and gave insight and revelation to what many have been dealing with in this season in the Body of Christ. Dreams, visions and revelations are the language of Heaven. The more we have a grid for the revelatory realm, the more we can understand the things of the spirit and inhabit the realms of the spirit. Many are in a season of transition, movement and promotion, but have been experiencing great…

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Prophetess Shanika Sutton

Shanika Sutton delivering the deliverance ministry

by Shanna Kaye Monteith/Gleaner | June 8, 2019|

The discovery that many churches today are lacking what is known as the ‘deliverance ministry’ led Prophetess Shanika Sutton to host her first of such free conferences. The prophetic and deliverance gathering which took place last Saturday (June 1) in Cross Roads, Kingston, saw many hopeful persons filling out the small room with their minds […]You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths…

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In scripture, we find not just religious thought and theory—but a challenge to how we read

by Lucy Winkett | June 8, 2019|

The Roman Catholic theologian James Allison has coined a useful phrase to describe how holy texts are harnessed in the cause of strongly-held opinions. “Clobber texts,” as he calls them, are short portions of scripture taken out of context and quoted to provide a “ta-da!” moment of rhetorical victory. A variant of what used to be called “Bible bashing,” the use of “clobber texts” is more prevalent now than ever. Especially if you can fit them into the length of…

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olive tree branch - enewsletter - Benny Hinn Ministries

Power from on High, Part 2

by Benny Hinn | June 6, 2019|

When the anointing comes, it will affect every part of your being, “like oil into his bones” (Psalm 109:18). That anointing from on high brings power. Remember when the Holy Spirit’s power came on the apostles? They became giants for God and took their world for Jesus! So it is today, for the Holy Spirit’s […]You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths…

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Keep the Fire Burning

by Dr. Candice Smithyman | June 3, 2019|

On May 20, 2019, I awakened to a startling dream of people being in a cafeteria in what appeared to be a contemporary hotel. They were getting their food on trays and seating themselves. I was also in line to get some food when I looked out the window of the cafeteria and saw a horrific sight. The windows were halfway covered with sea water and there were people laying on rafts that appeared to be like large dead sea…

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