James Goll Explains How Prophetic Intercession Really Works

by James Goll | December 4, 2018|

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Seven Traits of Toxic Leaders

by Jennifer LeClaire | December 14, 2018|

In this video, Thomas Rainer points out seven traits of toxic leaders. These are not the only traits, but these seven could open your eyes to this trouble in the church and the world. Be sure to examine your heart before pointing fingers. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrfi9mw9d9Q[/embed]

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Dutch Sheets: It’s Time to Prepare for Victory

by Dutch Sheets | December 13, 2018|

I believe 2017-2018 will go down in history as “turning point years” for America. Certainly, there have been other crossroad seasons in our nation’s 240 years of existence, but these two years have been epochal. The exposing of the Deep State, certainly not complete but at least begun; the confrontation and interruption—under the leadership of President Trump—of the left’s mad dash to globalism, secularism, and amoralism; halting the suicidal weakening of our military; the determination of millions of Americans to…

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The Spirit of Control

by Michael Youssef | December 12, 2018|

Have you ever tried to fix God's plan? Maybe you grew impatient with waiting on God's timing or thought you had a better solution. You probably learned quickly that trying to improve on God's plans and purposes spells disaster. Read 2 Kings 4:38-44. In the region of Gilgal, the people were experiencing a famine. Elisha had just returned from traveling and told his servant to prepare a large pot of stew to feed the prophets. Even during a famine, Elisha…

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Make These Declarations When All Hell Is Breaking Loose

by Becky Dvorak | December 11, 2018|

Do you feel unsafe? Are you afraid? Have you received a disheartening medical report? God forewarns us that in this world we will have tribulation, meaning difficult times. Then He tells us to rejoice, not because of the difficult situations we are passing through, but that in Him we have the victory. One step to walk in this victory is to declare God's Word over the situation. Try this, it will help you to strengthen your faith for God's protection.…

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I Hear the Sound of Jehu Riding | Throw Jezebel Down

by Jennifer LeClaire | December 10, 2018|

I heard a rumbling in my spirit and prayed into it. The Lord showed me it was the sound of Jehu riding. It's time to throw Jezebel down! You can find my materials on Jezebel, Jehu, witchcraft, and more at https://www.jenniferleclaire.org. You can get equipped at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN8Anv00okM&t=27s[/embed]

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Korean Peninsula Sees Breakthrough As Intercessors Press In

by Jared Laskey | December 6, 2018|

Revival to the Korean Peninsula? Since the ending of the Korean War in 1953, many Christians have been praying for God to bring revival to the Korean Peninsula. The communist regime of North Korea has been closed off to any Western influence for years. Human rights groups and investigators have been preventing entrance into the country. There is reporting of extreme persecution of Christians. It’s been said that many North Koreans are living and working in concentration camps. But now…

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12 Scriptures That Will Position Your Heart to See God

by Jennifer LeClaire | December 6, 2018|

For many years, I’ve asked God to create in me a clean heart. Purity of heart is critical for believers. God wants us to love Him with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind and all of our strength (see Luke 10:27). Without a pure heart, we’ll have a heart divided between God and idols. If you’re like me and you are in pursuit of attaining and maintaining a pure heart, meditate on these verses:…

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Could This Be the Reason for Your Lack?

by Bruce Wilkerson | December 5, 2018|

There’s a little fable about a Mr. Jones who dies and goes to heaven. Peter is waiting at the gates to give him a tour. Amid the splendor of golden streets, beautiful mansions, and choirs of angels that Peter shows him, Mr. Jones notices an odd-looking building. He thinks it looks like an enormous warehouse—it has no windows and only one door. But when he asks to see inside, Peter hesitates. “You really don’t want to see what’s in there,”…

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Jennifer LeClaire Prophesies Increased Angelic Activity in the Days Ahead

by Jennifer LeClaire | December 5, 2018|

Angels hearken to the voice of the Word of God (Psalm 103:20). But we can grieve angels. Take this warning to heart. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1elX9MSTP3M[/embed]

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How to Thwart the Sinister Assignment of Satan’s Attacks

by Kyle Winkler | December 3, 2018|

Satan launches attacks for much more than just the sheer fun of it, or even only to cause you pain. Each weapon aimed at you is like a bomb zeroed in to succeed in a particular mission that’s much more sinister. Attacks and Accusations As adversary, the devil blasts temptations and trials designed to cause you to stumble. If you fall to these devices, he then fires off accusations in order to change your concept of who God is based…

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Dr. Cindy Trimm Shares Secrets of Power, Vision and Provision

by Jennifer LeClaire | November 30, 2018|

God has an amazing blueprint for this generation that He wants to reveal through vision. As long as we have vision, we have what we need to grow, progress, and transform the world. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rQqLEysbG0[/embed]

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After Brush With Death, Pastor Robert Morris Punches Devil in the Teeth

by Jeffrey Levinson | November 30, 2018|

Pastor Morris went through a harrowing brush with death this past year and only recently returned to the pulpit at Gateway Church, the ministry he leads in Texas, with six locations and some 39,000 attendees each week. It was after what should have been a routine procedure that his life took a turn for the worse with a medical report that made it seem he would not make it. However His family and the staff at Gateway began to pray…

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4 Breakthrough Keys for Kingdom Success

by Jono Hall | November 26, 2018|

I am weak; there, I admitted it. But the truth is I don’t like admitting it and perhaps you are with me in this. I like to be “put-together.” I like to be effective in accomplishing what I need to accomplish and, truth be told, I don’t mind if people see me this way. So I spend time training myself to be more effective: reading books, listening to messages, building relationships with others who I can glean from and network…

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Francis Chan Sees Miraculous Answer After 30 Years of Intercession

by Kriza Jo L. Tanduyan | November 23, 2018|

Are you praying for the salvation of your loved ones right now? Do you feel like you want to lose hope because it seems like nothing happened? Then this powerful testimony will entirely change your mind. The renowned evangelist, author, and teacher, Francis Chan, shared an inspiring story of how God answered his 30 years of persevering prayer for his best friend. In one of his blog posts in desiringgod.org entitled “No Soul Is Too Far Gone,” he wrote a reminder for…

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Are ‘Water Spirits’ for Real? The Truth About Marine Demons

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 25, 2018|

When I was a secular journalist I went on assignment to the Dry Tortugas National Park off the shores of the Florida Keys. Home to the largest marine sanctuary of its kind in the United States, the area is off limits to fishing to preserve highly-exploited marine life species. I had a front-row view of magnificent coral and exotic fish as the sun beat down on the boat deck. What I couldn’t see was the marine demons below the surface.…

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