I heard the Lord say, “A metamorphosis is underway. I will bring the change I’ve promised, first little by little and then an outward manifestation of an inner working I have been doing in My people. That metamorphosis will spill out from the spirits of My people into the spheres they influence in the seven mountains.

“Transformed business leaders will see their companies as ministry hubs. Transformed politicians will see their cities as congregations. Transformed cities will see mass salvations. I am calling those who have struggled in past seasons to make one more push because that last push will birth something in you and through you like the world has never seen and like nothing you could even imagine.

“I have allowed you to go through struggles—through suffering—so that I could use you as a compassionate change agent in the earth. You have authority. You have influence. You have power. You have an anointing. I intend to use you to comfort those who face disaster and to strengthen the weak. I intend to use you to lift others up, even those who dragged you down.

“You have been changed and are changing from glory to glory. The glory that rested upon you during the struggle is increasing as you step into the assignment I am giving you to see transformation all around you. You carry the kingdom. Releasing the kingdom into atmospheres around you and watch the darkness flee as the brilliance of My love works through you by faith. Have a confidence that I have called you, I have equipped you and I am sending you—and that I am with you always.”

I see widespread metamorphosis. I see metamorphosis in people, in companies, in churches, and in societies. The metamorphosis is coming out of an intense struggle in the hearts and minds of people.

Metamorphosis is even coming out of church splits and past moral failures in leadership. And it’s coming from a changing of the guard in cities, states and nations. Many will come to realize the reality of Genesis 50:20 and Romans 8:28 in 2018 and in the years that follow.

Genesis 5:20 teaches this important principle: what the enemy meant for evil, God will work for good to save many. And Romans 8:28 promises us when we love Him and pray, He will work even the most horrific situations into something that benefits us and His purpose for our lives.

I’ve written an entire book with teachings on how to apply this prophetic word to your life to see radical change in 2018. You can find it on my website at www.jenniferleclaire.org or on Amazon.com, where it’s currently #1 on the charts.

Jennifer LeClaire former editor of Charisma magazine, senior leader of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, founder of the Ignite Network and founder of the Awakening Blaze prayer movement. She is author of over 25 books. Find her online at jenniferleclaire.org or email her at support@jenniferleclaire.org.


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  1. Betty Turner

    I Thank God for The Word!
    Thank you for working your assignment because it has blessed me!🙏✝️

  2. Donnetta

    CHANGE has been resonating in my spirit for a while. Bless uou.

  3. Lizél van Zyl

    Wow wow wow. Thank you for this word Jennifer. It is such an encouraging word and convermation.

  4. Mary warden

    Love your ministry and your boldness.Bought 5 of your books this week Bless you and all you do for the kingdom of God

  5. Gary

    Yeeeees thank you prophet

  6. April Garner

    Awesome on what God’s saying!
    Keep me posted
    Thank you,

  7. Gerald

    Very timely word,,, this is the season for the outcast, the broken and wounded to rise up.. this year the nobodies will become somebody.. the greatest glory release and worship will flow from the broken and wounded .. thanks for sharing..

  8. Aunt Atchie McElroy

    I am riding the roads praying and looking for the change that has got to come or i am going to explode.

  9. d Yvonne Shotwell

    Praise God! There is a God. This is a true word from God. God has been stirring almost this exact word in my heart for over 10 years and told me to incubate it until his divine time. The time is now. Thank you for obeying God Jennifer in your Prophetic and Apostolic call. I have come to realize that it is best to obey God rather than man. You are operating in God’s timing. I am so thankful to be aligned with your ministry and look forward to a growing relationship and exponential growth for me. God Bless! Oh yeah! I got the book and will reread it again over the next few days.

  10. WendyG

    Thank you for this word. YES LORD YES!

  11. Bonginhlanhla Mkhwanazi

    speechless…this is so profound, and I fully relate.

  12. Vonci

    This prophecy confirms what I have felt in my spirit for over a year. The change is NOW. God will use His anointed ones to right the wrongs, bind the brokenhearted, and save the lost. The oppressed or as Gerald said “the Nobodies” will shine. The last shall be first! The Lord gave me the word placement last year…so now we must operate in our assignment according to the leading of the Spirit. God bless you for being a vessel for this great prophecy!!

  13. Claire Carr

    Accept a word from the prophet and receive a prophets reward.

    This word blew me away, over the last two months I have had butterfly’s flying past me everyday, no matter where I am. I knew God was saying metamorphosis time!!
    Thank you Jennifer.

  14. vAa

    Ive had the metamorphosis vision together with other prophecies since 2007 and a dream in 2010 and 2014 and its now coming to pass…. last month my 4month old daughter in whom ive named after John 4:23 passed away and doctors, GPs, coroners and police investigation could not find cause of death. I turned to the Lord and found strength and comfort in His Word and knew that the spirit of death tried to kill my joy but what he intended to destroy me God has allowed to strengthen me. The whole world is about to see a new thing happening.. the dead shall be raised and church is about to see that there is no limits to GODS power.. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we can ever imagine… All nations shall be filled witn Gods glory…

  15. L. Shirley Harvey

    Thank you for this word. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is very special to me because it reminds me that God can do anything. Within the last few years, He has been sending me a white butterfly even during the winter time and snow to let me know that He has not forgotten me



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