The storm surrounding Todd Bentley, leader of the “Lakeland Revival” has quieted. Many people were hurt by the false prophetic operations and other strange happenings there. I met a young man just recently who God has called into prophetic ministry. The young man was hesitating to answer the call because he was so turned off by what he saw in the prophetic ministry, including merchandising, Jezebel spirits, witchcraft and the like.

I wrote the Heart of the Prophetic just in time. It was a Holy Ghost thing. The book is a response to a statement someone offered claiming, “Character doesn’t matter.” I submit to you that character absolutely does matter in the prophetic and in the lives of every believer. If you want to understand the true prophetic anointing, purpose and function, then check out my book. I cut to the chase, through the hype and down to the heart of the matter.

There is a true prophetic ministry. I just don’t think we’ve seen much of it in our generation. Jezebel has hijacked much of the movement. It was premature because the apostles weren’t in place. God is going to work all things together for good somehow. He always does. But we have a part to play. We need to work on developing the character of Christ in us, rather than merely working to develop a gift of Christ.

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