School of Prayer & Intercession




Every week, over 1 million people from all over the world listen in and pray with me on my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls, which are based off my best-selling devotional.

I believe prayer is caught and taught. You can learn how to pray effectively and move in the gifts of the spirit with my prayer and intercession classes.

Watch your prayer life grow with personal prayer and intercession teaching!

Your prayer life will be inspired, energized and absolutely transformed with these practical teachings and prayer revelations.

You may have heard my spiritual warfare prayers at conferences my hearts cries of intercession during my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls. But I didn’t always like to pray.

Honestly, I used to run and hide in the bathroom when I thought the corporate prayer leader was going to call on me to pray. I never enjoyed prayer until I caught the spirit of prayer, found intimacy with my heavenly father and started seeing prayer answers.


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