Victory Decrees: Daily Prophetic Strategies for Spiritual Warfare Victory


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         What Dr. Cindy Trimm Says About
         ‘Victory Decrees’ Devotional 


In every generation, there arises distinct prophetic voices that redirect the hearts and minds of the Christian community back to God. It is my opinion that Jennifer LeClaire is one of those voices. An anointed and prolific communicator of truth, Jennifer helps us to lean into God through prayer, stand up for God through biblically-based decrees, and prepares us to give an answer for the hope that is within in us (see 1 Peter 3:15).

Victory Decrees is a significant contribution to the conversation surrounding spiritual warfare; it elevates the Word of God as the believer’s divine agency to safeguarding the mind, empowering the spirit, and healing the soul. Every believer must come to a place of maturity wherein he or she relies on God’s Word, “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes” (2 Corinthians 2:11 niv). Victory Decrees is filled with the types of prayer strategies that are so vital to the life of a believer as it relates to winning spiritual battles.

Imagine a series of intimate conversations that unveiled the heart of God—that provided a prolific perspective concerning the root cause, ultimate intention, and specific configuration of the enemy’s overt and covert plans to destroy your destiny. How much more successful would you be in living your life proactively and offensively, rather than reactively and defensively? Further imagine receiving an indispensable, Spirit-inspired directive on what your posture should be in order to obtain victory in all areas of your life, and to flourish wherever God has planted you according to Psalms 1:3; 72:7-9; 92:12-15. This is the essence of Victory Decrees.

The practical nature of this manual fills in the gaps typically left by the more general spiritual warfare approaches of our time. It is an innovative work and should be required reading for the emerging generation of Christians who are battling more deviant, deceptive, and insidious battles, as well as the enduring satanic concentrations of stealth-mode attacks. Victory Decrees is a blueprint for biblical success, and takes seriously the divine dictum, “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and light shall shine upon thy ways” (Job 22:28 kjv).

This book is a page-turning missive. In this devotional-style repository, you will be empowered with a daily scripture to meditate on, a succinct prayer in which to gain prayer mastery, and a decree that reinforces your spiritual authority. Although written in a manner that gives the reader a daily dose of inspiration and empowerment, I could not put the manuscript down and found myself reading page after page until, on the first sitting, I had read an entire month’s worth of declarations!

It is my prayer that Victory Decrees will captivate you as it did me—and then usher you into a new dimension and realm that gives you the authority and power to overcome the spiritual battles waged against you. May this work guide you to a place where you sense the presence of the Spirit of God advising you as He exposes the tactics of the enemy.

Many times, the methods, strategies, and tactics of the warfare we encounter—and the specific agents used against us—become a clarifying key to the path we should take in fulfilling our greater destiny, because the enemy fights us in the area he fears us most. So take heart! As you devote your time to absorbing the long overdue and significant revelations within Victory Decrees, God will give you a greater understanding of His plans for your life as you take your place in the Kingdom of Heaven, wielding the Word of God as your ultimate weapon of warfare.

Dr. N. Cindy Trimm

Life Strategist, Bestselling Author, Humanitarian

Declarations and decrees that give you an advantage over the enemy!
The enemy of every believer prowls around like a roaring lion, searching for souls to devour. But when you are equipped with Biblical warfare strategies, you have the authority to declare, “Not today, Satan!”
Bestselling author and veteran spiritual warrior, Jennifer LeClaire offers Victory Decrees—a daily devotional of prophetic warfare strategies that will empower you towards victory!
Begin every day positioned for triumph!

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