R. Loren Sandford: Prophetically Speaking, What Must We Do?

by R. Loren Sanford | January 10, 2019|

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How Actress Melissa Hart Went From ‘Teenage Witch’ To Spiritual Warfare For Jesus

by Christel Berns Villariza | January 18, 2019|

Being a Hollywood star can bring a lot of criticism into your life, especially when you are boldly open about your faith. The media will do whatever they can to bring attention to your name. They put up headlines for the sake of big news and couldn’t care less about the truth. That’s why it’s no surprise that most Christian celebrities receive backlash from people. Recently, the American actress Melissa Joan Hart experienced the same criticism.Apparently, in an interview with…

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“Football’s Not The Biggest Thing In My Life, My Faith Is” – Legendary Clemson QB, Trevor Lawrence

by God TV | January 16, 2019|

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson Tigers’ QB, is just 19-years-old making him ineligible for the NFL draft until 2021. But even at his young age, people are saying that he could be the best college football QB, next to his hero, Peyton Manning.It’s amazing to think that Trevor has already accomplished something that Manning never did. He won the national title, blowing out Alabama 44-16 at the College Football Playoff national championship game in Santa Clara, California according to CNN.“Last Monday, Clemson…

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Joyce Meyer Surprises Viewers By Saying That Her Views On Prosperity Have Changed

by God TV | January 16, 2019|

Best-loved Bible Teacher, Joyce Meyer who is featured on GOD TV each weekday, has surprised viewers in a video on her Instagram account in which she says her views on prosperity and faith got out of balance.In the video clip, she says that “I’m glad for what I learned about prosperity, but it got out of balance. I’m glad for what I learned about faith, but it got out of balance.”Joyce shares an eye-opening lesson she’s learned in life.“Every time…

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Prophetic Dream Inspires Blake Shelton’s Latest Song

by Dr. Aaron Tabor | January 14, 2019|

God loves when we use music to sing songs of praise to him! Many of the artists in today’s secular music industry have used this beautiful gift to sing about things that are, frankly, less than beautiful. So, that’s why it’s always nice to see a popular secular musician bring the themes of faith into their songs!Blake Shelton is a talented country singer that has won the hearts of so many all over the world. His soulful voice and smooth…

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January 20: A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

by Michael Snyder | January 14, 2019|

On the evening of the 20th of January, a very strange phenomenon will happen.  A total lunar eclipse that has been dubbed a “super blood wolf moon” will appear in the sky above America.  The entire eclipse from beginning to end will be visible from every single location in the continental United States, but much of the rest of the world will miss out on this experience completely.  For example, the eclipse will not be visible at all anywhere in China. …

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Newly Crowned Miss Universe Boldly Says She ‘Can’t Live Without God’

by God TV | January 11, 2019|

Catriona Gray from the Philippines successfully brought home the Miss Universe title this past December 17, 2018 at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. She is the newly crowned Miss Universe 2018 beating out 94 other uniquely inspiring women from different nations who competed in the prestigious event. The world has seen her beauty, intelligence, and confidence, however, unbeknownst to millions of people, she is also a woman who truly loves God. Catriona is not your ordinary woman. She is a…

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Top 5 Christian Movies You Should Not Miss This 2019

by Kriza Jo L. Tanduyan | January 8, 2019|

The Christian media is one of the most powerful tools that God uses for His children to be reminded about His wonderful love. And this 2019, you will be inspired by these upcoming Christian movies that will no doubt bless you no end. They are listed in according to launch date. Make sure not to miss these films: 1. The Least of These Premiere Date: February 1, 2019 This movie is based on a real-life story of a missionary named…

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11-Year-Old Girl Receives Miracle Healing as Inoperable Tumor Disappears

by Jared Laskey | December 19, 2018|

11-year-old Roxli Doss was diagnosed in June with an inoperable brain tumor. It was specifically diagnosed as ‘diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma,’ also known as DIPG. DIPG is, “very rare, but when we see it, it is a devastating disease,” said Dr. Virginia Harrod of Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. She continued saying, “You have decreased ability to swallow, sometimes vision loss, decreased ability to talk. And eventually difficulty with breathing.” Miracle Healing Received Roxli underwent radiation treatments for…

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by R. Loren Sanford | December 7, 2018|

The holiday season! And the Grinch inevitably shows his face. There are the PC police on the liberal side and the religious police on the religious side. Each one wants to tell us that we shouldn't celebrate these holidays lest we either offend someone or engage in unholy activity. So, according to the PC police, we can't celebrate Thanksgiving because it harkens to the European invasion of the American continent and the genocide of Native Americans (and I am both of…

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A Troubling Prophetic Dream About President Donald Trump and China

by Jennifer LeClaire | December 6, 2018|

Prophet Ryan Johnson shares with Jennifer LeClaire a disturbing prophetic dream about President Donald Trump and China. Watch more content like this at http://www.awakeningtv.com. Get training on dream interpretation and more at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zev6OI8mn9k&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

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Actor Kevin Sorbo And Wife Share How Wildfire Miraculously Stopped Just Feet Away From Their Home

by God TV | December 5, 2018|

Actor Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Sam Sorbo, were among the celebrities who are very grateful that their home was miraculously spared from the recent California wildfire. The couple’s home was just a few feet away from where the fire ceased. “We survived the fires, and our house is intact, even though the fire approached and got very close,” Sam said. The flames were only three feet away from their house, but the fire stopped before it caused any damage.…

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A Boxer’s Story of Redemption and Resurrection

by Dr. Michael Brown | December 4, 2018|

As I write these words, Adonis Stevenson, a 41-year-old professional boxer (and longtime champion) lies in critical condition after being knocked out in a fight Saturday night. So, in no way am I minimizing the brutality or danger of the sport. But in the midst of this violent, “sweet science,” there are some amazing stories to be told. One of these stories involves British boxer Tyson Fury, a 6’ 9” giant of a man with a personality just as large,…

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Mandisa Gets Real About Her Deliverance From Depression

by God TV, etc. | November 28, 2018|

Mandisa is a well known contemporary Christian music artist who has blossomed in the music industry. Her songs have inspired so many people and serve as bright light to millions of people who are suffering from pain and darkness. They have became so powerful and the stories behind her songs are so inspiring and amazing especially her song ‘Overcomer’. She was able to write the song because she suffered from three years of depression due to the sudden death of…

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10 Characteristics of (so-called) Christian Cults

by Joseph Mattera | November 19, 2018|

There have been numerous off shoots of Christianity that have turned out to be heretical cults. Because of the lack of biblical discernment, many people fall prey to them. One of the most popular of the cults that have many of the following characteristics is Watchtower – better known as the “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Many would also include aberrant religious groups like Scientology, (founded by L. Ron Hubbard) as well as so many other religious entities that it would be too…

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Ex-Devil Worshiper: “I’m Shocked Christians Celebrate Halloween”

by Charisma Magazine | November 1, 2018|

The word Halloween appears to be of Christian origin according to Wikipedia’s Etymology.  It means ‘hallowed evening’ or ‘holy evening’ from a Scottish term for All Hallows’ Eve. However, history says that it has been greatly influenced by pagan roots and evolved into how people celebrate Halloween these days. For this reason, it has become a big issue to many Christians.  Many speculate it is evil and thus, shouldn’t be considered a special day for Christians, but what does a…

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