10 Signs of Prophetic Abuse and/or Manipulation

by Joseph Mattera | March 22, 2019|

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Heidi Baker Calls For Urgent Help As Mozambique Deals With Devastating Aftermath of Cyclone Idai

by God TV | March 22, 2019|

You may have seen the shocking news coverage of a nation still submerged after Cyclone Idai. According to the BBC at least 300 people are now confirmed dead due to the “catastrophic flooding” and others are still “clinging to roofs or stuck in trees.” The network has described parts of Mozambique as having become ‘an inland sea.’ “We are 15 miles from the sea, but it feels as if we are right over it,” BBC Africa editor, Fergal Keane said…

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Hugh Jackman and A Revival Meeting at 13

by God TV | March 20, 2019|

God is constantly weaving through history more than we will ever realize. When legend, Billy Graham, walked those stages and held his famous revival meetings, there was no way to know who would be impacted at that moment, or how it would spill into the generations that followed.Made famous for his role in Wolverine, within the X-Menfranchise and one of his biggest roles in Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman has a strong reputation as a Christian man. He has opened up about his faith in the…

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American Idol Judge Luke Bryan Opens Up About His Faith

by God TV | March 18, 2019|

Luke Bryan – A judge on American Idol and ACMA winner, is well-known for his Christian faith.Singer of “Country Girl” and “All My Friends Say”interviewed with ABC Nightline (video below) and spoke about many family tragedies over the last 20 years and how he and his wife have navigated through it all.Luke Bryan told about his brother passing away over 20 years ago – right before he moved to Nashville TN. It happened to be a pivotal moment in his career and he began…

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber Reveals That Her True Purpose In Life Is To Reflect Jesus In The World

by Rhoda Gayle | March 16, 2019|

Hailey Baldwin Bieber revealed that her true purpose in life is to reflect Jesus in the world. On the national television show, she even declared that Jesus is a real thing for her!Now With NatalieSupermodel and television personality Hailey Baldwin Bieber, 22,  was recently featured on Hillsong’s new TV show “Now With Natalie.” It is a six-part series where Christian celebrities talk about their faith with Natalie Manuel Lee.The first episode of “Now With Natalie” featured Hailey, filmmaker Elliot Rausch,…

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Every Woman Must Know These Differences Between a Christian Boy and a Godly Man!

by Rhoda Gayle | March 13, 2019|

Ladies, there is a huge difference between a Christian boy and a Godly man. It’s time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.So many times I hear girls saying:“Well, he’s a Christian.”“He goes to church with me.”“He listens to Christian music.”“He went to church camp.”“He has a favorite Bible verse.”Well, all those things are just peachy and there is nothing wrong with doing those things. I mean, they’re all good things to do. But how is his personal relationship…

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TD Jakes Launches 1st Of Its Kind Christian Reality TV Show

by God TV | March 12, 2019|

Six Gospel artists are to have the chance to shine in a new reality program called The Gospel. The eight-part series will chronicle  contestants’ progress as they compete for a national management contract with TD Jakes’ Dexterity Sounds and the Marquis Boone Music Group.The first of its kind for Gospel music, the winner of this Christian music competition will be announced with the opportunity to perform at the International Pastors & Leadership Conference in Tampa Bay on April 25, 2019.The…

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An International Fashion Model Hits Rock Bottom And Finds God

by God TV | March 12, 2019|

The transition wasn’t easy. Transitions usually aren’t. This however, cannot be done without God. I was completely embedded in the thick of the world. Meaning, my thoughts, my actions and my words were stemming from years of worldly imprinting. Whatever the world says is beautiful, smart, funny, popular, desirable, important, trendy… that’s what I thought. Hollywood indoctrinated my dating beliefs, and music usually reinforced whatever “mood” I was in.If you are not familiar with Christian lingo, you are probably wondering…

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Blind Contestant Brings American Idol Judges To Tears

by Rhoda Gayle | March 11, 2019|

Blind contestant, Shayla ‘Shayy’ Winn, brings American Idol judges to tears with her audition song ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day. Her story brought inspiration to the judges and over 7.6 Million viewers on Facebook!Register or Login by clicking here to read the rest of this article for free. After registering for the first time click here to reload the page.

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Lead Actress in Planned Parenthood Movie is Warned She Will be Blacklisted in Hollywood

by Grace Clibourn | March 8, 2019|

A new and upcoming Pure Flix feature film surrounding the controversial Planned Parenthood has been Rated “R” by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).Some are finding this rating disturbing considering the content of the film and the reality of Planned Parenthood and the recipients of their services. According to Planned Parenthood, there are situations in which a minor can receive an abortion without parental consent – leaving a dark dissonance between the legality of Planned Parenthood and the ratings from the…

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They Say The Momo Threat Is Fake News But Let’s Not Take Any Chances With Our Kids

by Al Gibson | March 7, 2019|

A scary doll-like creature known as ‘Momo’ has been making news headlines and receiving much attention on social media. Supposedly she randomly appears on kid’s phones via What’s App or is embedded in children’s YouTube videos challenging them to self harm. Understandably this has been a cause of much concern for parents, despite the fact that some news outlets have exposed the #MomoChallenge as fake news.Register or Login by clicking here to read the rest of this article for free.…

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Top Actor Has A Divine Encounter While Playing Role Of Apostle Paul

by Grace Clibourn | March 7, 2019|

It’s so beautiful to see what the Lord will do with a mustard-seed-sized “yes”.A simple “yes” to a role that “came out of left field” opened leading Hollywood actor, James Faulkner to a whole new world.Though he considered himself to be what seemed to be a “nominal” Christian before filming his 2018 film Paul, Apostle of Christ, he expressed in an interview with CP on the Red Carpet of the Movie Guide Awards, telling how putting himself in the shoes…

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Dutch Sheets Makes Urgent Call to Church in America

by Dutch Sheets | March 6, 2019|

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor, anti-Nazi dissident (he died in a German concentration camp) and author of The Cost of Discipleship poignantly stated, "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak, is to speak. Not to act, is to act." The great reformer and civil rights leader Marin Luther King, Jr. said, "To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it." Sadly, these warnings are as appropriate and applicable to the church of America today as…

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Stop Dying To Be Married, Live Instead

by Brian Taylor | March 5, 2019|

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m just dying to be married”? Maybe that person is you. The trouble with that saying is that it sets a mindset that is desperate enough to either do anything to be married or accept anything just to say that you’re married. How often have you been asked by someone in your family, a close friend or co-worker when you’re going to have that moment of walking down the aisle and getting hitched?Does any…

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Lakers Lose, But God Wins: Top 5 Christian NBA Players

by God TV | March 4, 2019|

No professional athlete, or athletes in general, enjoy losing a game. But in competitive sports, there is always a winner and a loser. It’s how you react after a loss that indicates your character. Below are a list of 10 NBA players, past and present, who you may not have known are Christians. They give all the glory to God in winning and in losing.Register or Login by clicking here to read the rest of this article for free. After…

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Praying For President Trump From The Courts Of Heaven

by Robert Henderson | March 4, 2019|

As I have diligently prayed for my President, Donald J. Trump, I have become aware of some things prophetically. First let me say that my mandate to pray for my President came in a dream within a week of him being inaugurated in January 2017.In the dream President Trump came to me and asked me to be his running mate for the 2020 elections. When I woke up I wondered why I was having a dream about his being re-elected…

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