A Key Dream Interpretation Strategy That Changes Everything

by Jennifer LeClaire | November 15, 2018|

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Ex-Devil Worshiper: “I’m Shocked Christians Celebrate Halloween”

by Charisma Magazine | November 1, 2018|

The word Halloween appears to be of Christian origin according to Wikipedia’s Etymology.  It means ‘hallowed evening’ or ‘holy evening’ from a Scottish term for All Hallows’ Eve. However, history says that it has been greatly influenced by pagan roots and evolved into how people celebrate Halloween these days. For this reason, it has become a big issue to many Christians.  Many speculate it is evil and thus, shouldn’t be considered a special day for Christians, but what does a…

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Dutch Sheets Has a Word About the Mid-Term Elections

by Dutch Sheets | October 31, 2018|

The midterm elections are taking place right around the corner -- next week, November 6. There’s a lot of noise that surrounds election times in our nation. What we are seeing on the news is a reflection, in the natural, of the enemy losing his grip; he is doing all he can to stir up violence, division, and hopelessness. But be encouraged...God is also on the move! Even though the enemy likes to highlight our differences and stir up strife…

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Prophetic Warning: The Witch Movement’s Next Big Target

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 30, 2018|

It’s been nearly a year—it was November 15, 2017 to be exact—that I blew the trumpet on the Christian witch movement brewing in the spirit. I issued a strong, bold prophetic warning about Christian witches rising using the name of Jesus. Now, here’s another one. I am warning of the witch movement’s latest target, as well as exposing one reason why the witchcraft movement is gaining so much momentum in this season and more. Watch the video: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-UU19y05Xo[/embed]

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Prophecy: What to Expect After Jewish Massacre in Pittsburgh

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 29, 2018|

I was shocked. It was unexpected, but tragedies like the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting always are. I learned of this horrific event during my School of the Prophetic. I instructed my students to do a prophetic exercise I call “Current Events” where they prophesy into a news headline. While they were praying, I decided to look at the news headlines to find an example so I could demonstrate. To my surprise, I read headlines about a massacre in a synagogue in…

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Witches Rise Up to Hex Justice Brett Kavanaugh

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 11, 2018|

Witchcraft season is upon us—a time of year where the world celebrates darkness and witches form demonic companies to celebrate dark forces. One example is making secular media headlines: Brooklyn witches are banding together for a rushed ritual to hex, vex and curse newly-minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in an event straightforwardly called: “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh.” Hexes are a form of witchcraft. As a verb, it means “to bewitch; practice witchcraft on,” according to Dictionary.com. But again,…

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A Prophetic Look at Taiwan’s Future as China Tensions Grow  

by Jennifer LeClaire | October 9, 2018|

As tensions between China and Taiwan grow stronger, the eyes of Southeast Asia are on this tiny island. Many pundits and politicians are prophesying China will take the nation by force in 2020 if Taiwan does not willingly agree to officially reunite. Although Taiwan sits in a perilous position, this island nation is also in a strategic location in the region. The Lord showed me Taiwan is the eyes of Asia. Indeed, as I travel around the world I have…

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Open Vision: 30-Foot Tall Spirit Opposing Judge Kavanaugh

by Jonathan Stidham | September 27, 2018|

The eyes of America are on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The accusations are harsh. The defense is strong. What’s the truth? On Sept. 24, 2018, while praying about this hot button political issue, I had an open vision. In the vision, I saw a horse with the letter “K” shaved in its hair cross the finish line. I saw a Supreme Court justice robe and gavel of supreme judiciary authority being handed to Kavanaugh. The Lord told me that Judge Brett…

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What’s the Rudest Thing People Do in Church?

by J. Lee Grady | September 19, 2018|

It doesn't bother me anymore when I hear a phone ringing during a church service. Welcome to life in the 21st century. But I was shocked recently when I heard a blaring ringtone while I was preaching—and a woman on the second row pulled her phone out of her purse and began a conversation as if she were in the waiting room of a hair salon. That incident prompted me to ask my friends to share their own stories of…

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Why I Reject Ultimate Reconciliation, Universalism, and Pluralism

by Joseph Mattera | September 14, 2018|

Universalism is gaining more steam among evangelicals who seek to present a relevant gospel and influence culture. Popular megachurch pastor Rob Bell recently wrote a controversial book dealing with this subject entitled Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. I have not yet read this book but have read numerous reviews and quotes. Here is one from Christianity Today, directly quoting Love Wins: “God has inaugurated a movement in Jesus’ resurrection to renew, restore,…

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Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Heaven?

by J. Lee Grady | September 13, 2018|

Last month, a successful young pastor, Andrew Stoecklein, ended his life at age 30 after suffering from months of depression. He left behind a grieving wife, three young sons and a baffled congregation in Chino, California. Just days before his suicide, Stoecklein preached a sermon at Inland Hills Church about the reality of depression among Christians. He used the prophet Elijah's life to illustrate that even spiritual giants struggle with mental and emotional brokenness. Stoecklein said in his Aug. 12…

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An Esther Moment! A Call to Fast and Pray for the US Supreme Court

by Lou Engle and Matt Lockett | August 8, 2018|

Once again, we find ourselves in a life-or-death moment of decision concerning the US Supreme Court and the potential to overturn the 1973 decree of death known as Roe v. Wade. We are urging everyone who cares about the future of America to join us in a three-day Esther fast, August 18-21.   In 2004, Bound4LIFE began with the simple prayer, "Jesus, I plead Your Blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God, end abortion and send…

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Awakening Blaze Prayer Movement Featured on Chosen Generation Radio

by Jennifer LeClaire | August 7, 2018|

In 2007, the Holy Spirit woke me up in the middle of the night and told me He would bring a Third Great Awakening to the nation. I believe we are going to see the greatest Great Awakening in the history of the world and it will spill over into the nations of the earth for the glory of God. I believe we’ll see a movement greater than all previous moves of God put together. And I know it’s predicated…

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Special Report: Revival Breaks Out in Perth, Australia

by Jennifer LeClaire | July 25, 2018|

Australia is hungry! Perth Australia is seeing the first fruits of revival. Salvations, signs, wonders and miracles are breaking out! In this live report from Perth, I was with my revivalist friends Daniel McCormick and Jacqui Ford to get an update on what is going on there. This revival broke out just days before a the Awakening Australia tour, which will move through Perth, as a prophetic sign of how the Lord is unifying his people to press in for…

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If You Want New Wine, You Need New Wineskins

by J. Lee Grady | June 29, 2018|

The commotion occurred after J.D. Greear, 45, a successful pastor from Durham, North Carolina, was elected president of the 15-million-member Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Greear is the youngest leader of the SBC in 37 years, and he brings with him a fresh approach to ministry that could trigger a wave of growth as well as upset some hyper-conservatives. Greear lives outside the traditional Baptist box. His church doesn't even have the word "Baptist" in it. The Summit Church, which he…

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The Wrath of God Poured Out — The Humiliation of the Southern Baptist Convention

by Albert Mohler | May 25, 2018|

The last few weeks have been excruciating for the Southern Baptist Convention and for the larger evangelical movement. It is as if bombs are dropping and God alone knows how many will fall and where they will land. America’s largest evangelical denomination has been in the headlines day after day. The SBC is in the midst of its own horrifying #MeToo moment. At one of our seminaries, controversy has centered on a president (now former president) whose sermon illustration from…

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