Life Lessons and Regrets From 100 Year Olds

Three amazing centenarians share their invaluable life lessons… and their regrets. Clifford Crozier born in 1915, Amelia Tereza Harper born in 1913, and Mr. John Millington Denerly born in 1914, talk about what was most important to them. Their experiences serve as...

Breaking the Back of Retaliatory Attacks

Listen in to Jennifer’s daily prophetic prayer broadcast where people are encouraged, inspired, healed and delivered. Prophetic words, spiritual warfare, visions and words of knowledge flow freely.

“Women of God: You Are a Mighty Force!”

Lately, I have had a really strong sense that the Lord is birthing many mothers. He is enlarging their capacity to carry more and expanding them. What He is birthing in these mothers is unlike anything they've carried or walked in before. Recently, I have seen a lot of news about abortion increasing and abortion laws, and things of that sort. I felt the Lord's heart, so strongly, that He is birthing these mothers to be mothers to many who have been abandoned, rejected, and have never experienced a mother's love – the ones who feel alone and lost. I…

“How to Deal with the Attacks Coming Against You”

I had a recent dream that caught my attention and gave insight and revelation to what many have been dealing with in this season in the Body of Christ. Dreams, visions and revelations are the language of Heaven. The more we have a grid for the revelatory realm, the more we can understand the things of the spirit and inhabit the realms of the spirit. Many are in a season of transition, movement and promotion, but have been experiencing great warfare. Over the last couple weeks I began to have a series of dreams where accusations were being made against…

Confronting Showmanship with Scott Nary Pt.2

Get prophetic inspiration for victorious living. Jennifer LeClaire and other share now-messages equip you to overcome and walk in God’s purpose for your life.

Treasures Revealed

In this episode of God Encounters Today podcast, James W. Goll shares about treasures new and old including a timely dream that happened last week which he calls “Pressing Through” and shares about an old encounter from the past that happened in Bangkok, Thailand. Goll then moves into ministry to activate these words and prays prophetically with additional Q&A answering questions like “How do you get a revelation of God’s love?” and “God gave me a promise, but I haven’t seen the outcome. What should I do?”

Shanika Sutton delivering the deliverance ministry

The discovery that many churches today are lacking what is known as the ‘deliverance ministry’ led Prophetess Shanika Sutton to host her first of such free conferences. The prophetic and deliverance gathering which took place last Saturday (June 1) in Cross Roads, Kingston, saw many hopeful persons filling out the small room with their minds […]You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in to read the rest of ths article LOG INI have an existing account. REGISTERI am new here. After registeing for the first time click here or…

“Raise Your Expectations! This is Your Summer of Advancement”

Recently, in a time of corporate prayer, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Raise your expectations for this summer." I knew this was a word for me but I also knew it was for the entire Body of Christ. I believe this prophetic summer will continue to accelerate what God has already been doing this year. The Lord spoke to me before January of this year about the first 90 days of 2019 being a time of laying and establishing firm foundations that God will be able to build upon for the 21 months that will follow. The first…

Finding an alternative to the anxious pursuit of happiness parading as American Christianity

In My Bright Abyss, poet and Yale professor Christian Wiman wrote, “There is nothing more difficult to outgrow than anxieties that have become useful to us.” I’m a psychotherapist who used to be a Baptist pastor in the Southeast. For much of my life I have believed that anxiety is not only an unfortunate byproduct of pursuing excellence in my life and work (sort of like off-gassing for the human soul) but a deeply integral component of that which secures my success. Somehow I picked up along the way that my anxiety was a reliable way of measuring how hard…

In scripture, we find not just religious thought and theory—but a challenge to how we read

The Roman Catholic theologian James Allison has coined a useful phrase to describe how holy texts are harnessed in the cause of strongly-held opinions. “Clobber texts,” as he calls them, are short portions of scripture taken out of context and quoted to provide a “ta-da!” moment of rhetorical victory. A variant of what used to be called “Bible bashing,” the use of “clobber texts” is more prevalent now than ever. Especially if you can fit them into the length of a tweet.You have reached the end of this Article Preview WANT TO READ MORE? Register for free or log in…

Divine Alignment

Think Different! Do Different! In Part 3 of her new series entitled, "The 8 Stages of Spiritual Maturation" Dr. Cindy Trimm empowers you to reevaluate your personal life strategies, to allow God to bring divine alignment to your thinking! Do the same and you will get the same. If you think different, and do different you will get different!

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