Warrior Angels: Sent to U.S. Borders

Recently I received a dream in which a large warrior angel appeared to me in the full armor of God. This was followed by a powerful encounter in which I was instructed to call forth guardian warrior angels and the shields of the Lord to guard the borders of the United...

Prophetic Insight on Giving

Do you feel taken advantage of at times? Disregarded? Disrespected? Consider this a Word from the Lord that will help you overcome those feelings as it relates to your giving so the devil can’t rob your harvest: If you resent giving a gift after you’ve given it, you...

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Pressing into Change

I heard the Lord say this on Saturday, Dec. 5: “You have to press into change rather than resist it. That’s the perspective you need. To everything there is a season. Embrace each season as it comes but be ready to embrace the changes as it ends. The trouble many face...

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The Stubborn Seer

Jonah’s experience in the belly of a whale may be a kid’s church favorite, but there are serious warnings here for New Testament prophets. While the Book of Jonah tells a familiar story, deeper examination demonstrates two spiritual death knells for prophets:...

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Birthing Your Prophetic Dreams

About this time last year I had a somewhat perplexing dream. In this dream, I was about five months pregnant. Now, for starters, I’m not married and had no reason to be pregnant. I was trying to deny it, but my mid-section was clearly swelling and it wasn’t from too...

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Coming Soon: A Prophet’s Heart

My new book is being printed and will be available within days. It’s called A Prophet’s Heart: Avoiding the Doorway to Deception. Have you ever wondered how false prophets become false prophets? The enemy seeks to pervert prophetic voices at every turn – but he can...

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