Pressing into ‘Organic’ Prophecy | Surge Vlog 007 with Jennifer LeClaire

Join Jennifer as she takes you on a journey during an Ignite prophetic network meetings. Most of all, catch this: You have a prophetic voice.   You can join Jennifer's Ignite network at http://www.ignitepropheticnetwork. You can find out more about Awakening Blaze at...

The Prophesied Great Awakening

On April 21, 2007, the Lord woke me up at midnight to offer up the words in the next paragraphs below. It appears we didn’t move fast enough. What will we do now? The answer to all of the world’s woes is for the sleeping giant that is the Church to rise up and take...

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Love’s Hope is Fadeless

Have you ever wondered why love’s hopes are fadeless under all circumstances? (1 Corinthians 13:7) It’s because love knows it can’t fail. It holds on tight no matter what the situation looks like on the surface because it knows good always overcomes evil. Faith is the...

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Mumbai Attacks Prophetic?

Some are speculating that the events in Mumbai are a prophetic manifestation of Senator Joe Biden’s statement that terrorists will test Sen. Obama within first six months of his presidency. This is an error and prophets need to be cautious about speculating over such...

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