I’m Exposing These False Prophets Once and for All

Another month, another conspiracy theorist claiming the end of the world is coming.

You may be rolling your eyes right now, but the reality is scads of unsuspecting people are buying into this bombastic banter. We need to pray for more discernment in the body of Christ. When the world witnesses this goofy manifestation of the “prophetic,” it makes genuine prophets seem illegitimate.

Let’s debunk these false prophetic utterances before we pray:

Is There Anything Prophetic About 2016’s ‘Leap Second’?

You’ve heard of the leap year, but what about a leap second?

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems has deemed it necessary to insert a leap second on New Year’s Eve. The goal is to bring the atomic clocks in sync with the earth’s rhythm. Without a leap second, our time system would eventually blow up.

"Atomic clocks are more than a million times better at keeping time than the rotation of the Earth, which fluctuates unpredictably,” explains the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. “Leap seconds are needed to prevent civil time drifting away from Earth time. Although the drift is small—taking around a thousand years to accumulate a one-hour difference—if not corrected, it would eventually result in clocks showing midday before sunrise."

Is there anything prophetic about the leap second? Not particularly, no, but taking a moment to explore what the Bible says about time could speak to your heart as we transition from one year to another.

5 More Important Prophetic Ministry Protocols

Prophecy is a vital ministry in the body of Christ. Every believer can prophesy and some do, but many struggle to discern the voice of the Lord. Many others do not understand simple protocols for prophetic ministry because they have not been rightly trained, despite the Ephesians 4:11 mandate for five-fold prophets to equip the saints for the work for the ministry.

In my Issachar Institute’s School of the Prophets earlier this month, we discussed prophetic protocols and guidelines. I shared with you in the past 10 important prophetic ministry protocols and many rogue prophets went into attack mode suggesting protocols are not in the Bible. I would urge any of those who take that stance to read 1 Corinthians 14, where you’ll discover Paul setting order in a church where the gifts were flowing freely but maturity was sometimes lacking.

God is not a God of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33). Prophetic operations without protocol can often generate confusion, chaos and even damage people’s faith. Prophets are oracles and mouthpieces for God, yet some of what comes out of people’s mouths in His name can be self-willed, self-promotional witchcraft. We must be willing to submit our prophetic ministry to elders for accountability, especially when the word may cause shock or stir people in the body.

Merry Apocalypse: False Prophetic Voice Predicts World Will End Before 2017

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Or at least that’s what one Christian scientist is insisting.

Her prognostication concludes 6,000 of sin is almost over—and that Christ will return for His glorious bride before 2016 is over. Nora Roth shares her false prophetic insights on The Mark of the Beast explained blog.

This conspiracy theory fodder is based in massively complex calculations about God’s clocks of the sevens.

“The 70 ‘sevens’ prophecy in Daniel 9:24 has two fulfillments,” she explains. “First, the 70 ‘sevens’ are 70 sabbatical cycles—490 years, pointing to the first coming of Jesus as our Savior from sin.” Her theology gave me a brain camp. So we’ll just skip to the conclusion of the matter:

False Prophet Makes Ill Victims Drink Disinfectant for Miracle Healing

Call it a trend. I read earlier this week about a South African pastor who sprays his congregants with insecticide in the name of curing what ails them. Health authorities have intervened but apparently a false prophet down the street didn't get the message.

“Prophet” Rufus Phala encouraged his church members drink Dettol, a disinfectant, in order to receive a healing. That’s according to Punch. In case you aren’t familiar, Dettol is a liquid antiseptic and disinfectant that has the potential to cause lethal toxicity.

“I know Dettol is harmful, but God instructed me to use it,” the false prophet said in a video South Africa’s Daily Sun ran. “I was the first one to drink it.”

The rise of the so-called “chemical healing” prophets is disturbing but not surprising.

Jesus said watch out for false prophets—they come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves (Matt. 7:15). Maybe if He had mentioned chemicals these poor sickly people would not be falling for error. Then again, when you’re desperate to get healed you’ll try just about anything.

Dutch Sheets Shares Prophetic Vision of John Knox and God’s Mercy

During Chuck Pierce’s Head of the Year conference in October, something shifted. Chuck released a prophesy over Dutch about visiting strategic sites in America before the election and he set out on a tour to pray in 12 cities.

But Dutch just shared something else significant that I did not know. A trusted prophet friend of his had a vision of John Knox, a Scottish clergyman and leader of the Protestant Reformation in the 1500's, standing behind him.

“In his day, evangelicals in Scotland were routinely burned at the stake and their Bibles incinerated. Knox himself was imprisoned and enslaved for his involvement in the Reformation. Undeterred, he continued his stand, praying every day, ‘Lord, give me Scotland or I die!,’ Dutch says. “Knox's prayers were answered. This great reformer was used by God to transform the church and revive the country. Queen Mary of Scotland, fiercely opposed to the Reformation, once said of him, ‘I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies in Europe.’

Rick Joyner Shares Prophecies That Signal Rise of Glorious Church

Lance Wallnau prophesied early that Donald Trump would be like the biblical King Cyrus of Persia. of Isaiah 45, and become the 45th president of the United States.

At least part of that prediction is true. Trump has risen as America’s 45th president, but it remains to be seen if he will emerge as one like King Cyrus.

Rick Joyner is asking two clear questions: What is it about Cyrus that is a parallel to Trump? What can we therefore expect from his administration? Joyner then goes on to offer some prophetic insight:

“When the Lord gave the word to Isaiah about Cyrus hundreds of years before Cyrus was born, He said that ‘he does not know Me.’ It's true that Cyrus did not know the Lord when he became king, but he came to know Him in the first year of his reign, declaring Jehovah to be "the true God.

Why Did Kim Clement Die Early?

I’m troubled. With seemingly no regard for a grieving family, opportunists and speculators are flooding social media with opinions about why Kim Clement passed away.

And many are doing it in the name of prophecy.

Where’s the respect?

Some are claiming Kim waged illegal spiritual warfare, which opened the door to his death. The irony here is that some of these same voices oppose anyone who believes spiritual warfare is real, yet they are essentially declaring a principality murdered him. In other words, these voices are contradicting themselves in the name of Jesus.

Kim’s death was a tremendous loss to the body of Christ. Hi prophetic ministry, often accompanied by music, impacted nations. He faced plenty of persecution in his day, and endured it all. Some considered him a type of Elijah in the prophetic community. He was controversial, and plenty accurate. He prophesied Donald Trump’s rise long before others re-prophesied his utterance.

Chuck Pierce Prophesies ‘Short, 10-Year Window’ in the Nations

Chuck Pierce is calling the month ahead “critical.” I sense this urgency in my spirit also, and encourage you to partner with him in declaring what heaven is declaring in alignment and unity with heaven.

Chuck perceives the heavens are declaring the glory of God, according to Psalm 19. Our response, he says, should be to meditate on the glory all month and watch for glory interactions wherever you are.

On Nov. 27, Chuck says the Lord told him, “The next 10 days are critical.”

“Everything seems critical and for the Lord to say it like that…there’s still something about this election we’re not getting. This is a God thing we are in and things are going to turn upside-down,” Chuck shares. “I gave a word eight years ago that said, ‘In 2016 the electoral college will be the issue.’ God is dealing with a structure in this nation that will cause the future to be reprogrammed.”