Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven’s War Room

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Jennifer LeClaire, globally recognized as a prophet, spiritual warfare trainer and prayer leader, received a vivid, visionary supernatural encounter in the War Room of Heaven that marked her life and forever transformed her understanding of prayer and spiritual warfare.

In this vision, I saw a veil rip open from the top to bottom. I am unsure if God Himself ripped open the veil or if the angels in heaven dismantled the visual barrier between the realms of heaven and earth. As I peered behind the veil, I saw a long walkway with bookshelves and tables on either side. It looked like a lonely path where few had traveled over the ages. At first I couldn’t see anyone on the path. What I could see was books—many, many books. Rows and rows of books. Finally, my attention was drawn to a man walking  down the open path with a magnifying glass, almost like an investigator. He was looking at the scrolls. 

The man was examining the fine print, looking closer at things others seem to have missed. When I asked the Lord what the man was looking into, I suddenly had a knowing in my spirit that these books were full of mysteries that became revelations to generations past—revelations recorded and lost. 

I understood these books of mysteries contain revelations angels long to look into…

Through Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven’s War Room, Jennifer shares 20 powerful mysteries that are founded on Scripture and will show you how to partner with the supernatural to see a greater manifestation of God’s victory on Earth through your life.

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